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In the gloomy depths of the sea, Roel slowly woke up surrounded by a shimmering seven-colored light. The battle above the water’s surface had already reached its final moments while he was away.

At the forefront of the humans, standing in front of the dozens of warships, beneath the golden deluge, were two females—one of them an auburn-haired woman, and the other one a girl with hair of a lighter shade.

Isabella looked at Charlotte in shock. It was weak, but she was certain that she had sensed the mana pulsations arising from the activation of the seven-colored gemstone. She shot a quick look behind, only to see that Roel was nowhere to be found.

I see.

“What a foolish child. But again, I don’t think that I’m qualified to reprimand you either.”

Isabella opened up her palm and looked at the gleaming ring she had been grasping tightly onto all this while. It was her engagement ring.

Protecting human civilization was a noble and glorious aspiration, but aspirations were often not enough to fuel one through times of difficulties. When calamities strike, what allowed humans to bring forth power far beyond their imagination was often the bonds they had, be it kinship or romantic.

Protecting her kin and her lover; these were the thoughts fueling Charlotte, and they held equally true for Isabella. It was the source of their courage.

Amidst the roar of the ancient monster, the two of them exchanged smiles as they let go of their fears. Together, they stepped forward and raised their hands, and the avatar standing in the middle of a golden deluge shuddered as it made its last stand against Sire Darkness.

Meanwhile, in the dark depths of the sea, Roel had already seen past life and death. He reached out to touch the seven-colored barrier that was protecting him as an auburn-haired girl surfaced in his mind.

He reminisced the first time they met, how they tried to scheme against one another in the Ascarts’ manor, then their temporary cooperation in the study room, to the butterflies they watched at Austine, and the camaraderie they shared onboard the Golden Fleet. All of these dissipated with the final small click of a trigger.

For a brief moment before he fell into the sea, he caught sight of Charlotte’s face. It was not a forced smile but an expression of her trying her best to hold back her tears. She was crying from the pain of separation, as well as her innate fear of death.

So, why did she still choose to do so then?

Is it to repay my favor of saving her earlier on? Did she feel responsible for implicating me in this? Or is it due to the almost searing feelings she has been stifling in her heart?

It is impossible for humans to truly understand one another, for each of us operates differently from one another. Roel couldn’t figure out Charlotte’s feelings, but was that even important at all?

No, none of it is.

What’s important is for her to live on so that she herself can relay how she fe

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