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Ascart City was peaceful as usual, but this peace belonged to just the ordinary, ignorant civilians. Those who were privy to a certain piece of confidential news were currently in full-blown panic mode.

Roel Ascart, the proxy fief lord of the Ascart Fiefdom, the mastermind behind the reforms that had improved the people’s standard of living and brought them hopes for a greater future, the sole successor of the prestigious Ascart House, and the bearer of many more titles, had gone missing!

He had been kidnapped by the neighboring Rosalian princess!

Even the novelists in this era wouldn’t dare to write something as severe as this into their tales!

There were already rumors going around by the borders, but the Ascart House refused to acknowledge or respond to them. They were trying their best to conceal this matter as much as they could.

Just how embarrassing was it to lose one’s fief lord!

Once the news spread in the Theocracy, the other nobles who viewed the Ascart House as an eyesore would surely ridicule them. At the same time, the Xeclydes’ honor would be sullied as well. Most importantly of all, if this matter became an international diplomatic issue, there were bound to be some powers who would happily step right in to disgust them, like the Austine Empire.

Let’s settle it privately.

This was the consensus the Ascart House, Xeclyde Royal Family, and the Sorofya House kidnappers arrived at. However, deathly silence had engulfed the Ascarts’ manor at the moment.

Alicia and Nora were currently sitting in a meeting room, each of them taking an end of a long table. The golden-haired girl was clutching tightly onto the handles of her chair with an impassive look on her face, while a silver-haired girl was pointing a trembling finger toward her.

Five days ago, when the news Nora sent concerning Roel’s kidnapping reached the Holy Capital, Alicia was appalled. However, when she calmed down and thought it over some more, she noticed that there were many doubts surrounding this matter. For one, she simply couldn’t understand why Charlotte was doing this.

With the legitimacy brought about by the engagement contract, Charlotte was in the safest position of them all. That was why Alicia had to summon Nora over to deal with her, but the other party actually ran away before they could do anything at all!

Alicia couldn’t understand what was going on, but she dared not waste even a moment and hurried back home.

According to the content of the final letter she received, Nora had already mobilized her knights and the Ascarts’ guards to take off in hot pursuit. Judging by the time elapsed, Charlotte should still be in the boundaries of the Ascart Fiefdom at the moment, and there was a good chance that Nora would be able to catch them. All in all, this incident was just a scare.

Having come to this conclusion, Alicia was actually quite happy with how things turned out. Regardless of the reason behind Charlo

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