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The moment the humongous skeleton wrapped in crimson light appeared in the midst of the Karon Forest’s mountain valley, the movements of the assailants immediately came to a halt, be it the frantically shouting Rodney and Wood, or the warriors who had charged forth valiantly.

It was a frightening sensation of stiffness that made them doubt that their blood had stalled to a halt, followed by an unbearable pressure crushing down on them. It took just a split moment before all of the believers of the Strength Sect fell to their knees and lowered their heads. Only the high transcendents, Rodney and Wood, were barely able to remain on their feet.

Meanwhile, the mercenaries of the Unyielding Sect also felt a heavy pressure on their bodies. Having received a notice beforehand, they didn’t fall into a panic. Still, Grandar’s powerful existence forced them to avert their gazes deferentially. Only Cynthia was barely able to maintain her gaze upon this mighty existence, but the more she looked at him, the more astounded she was.

High-level transcendents possessed sharper senses that allowed them to better perceive the existence of gods, discerning their nature and their strength. Based on what Cynthia was feeling, the crimson skeleton was an existence that wouldn’t pale in comparison to the great Earth Goddess she worshiped.

Worshiping two gods at once? How is this possible?

Words couldn’t begin to describe how shocked Cynthia was.

Ancient gods were strict and severe. They demanded absolute loyalty from their believers. A believer could lose a god’s grace just by marrying a woman disfavored by the god, let alone doing something as sacrilegious as worshiping another god.

Yet, such common sense didn’t seem to apply on Roel.

Cynthia was unaware that Roel was in an equal contract with Grandar and Peytra. He was a guide who had brought them out of their eternal slumber, becoming the bridge that linked them to the present reality. Their existences were mutually beneficial to one another, unlike the other believers who implored god’s grace through their faith.

She suddenly found the black-haired boy standing before her turning into an unfathomable existence, a being whose strength she would never know the depths of.

Meanwhile, the members of the Strength Sect fell into utter silence until Wood finally spoke up.

“O’ esteemed One, your undeserving believers beg your pardon for the great disrespect we have shown upon Lord Holy Son.”

An hour after the chaos, the believers of the Strength Sect had all tossed aside their weapons and were humbly squeezed together in front of the convoy like penguins. Meanwhile, some distance away, Roel stood alongside an obedient Alicia as he gazed upon the mountainous scenery with a staff in his hand while listening to Rodney and Wood’s explanation.

Over the past hour, he got a detailed explanation about the Strength Sect’s current predicament—basically the reason why Grandar’s

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