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While the crowd was panicking in the presence of a humongous nine-headed serpent in the grass field, Lilian Ackermann and Roel Ascart met eyes with one another, their gazes carrying a cold intent.

Don’t trust the Ackermanns.

Roel was suddenly reminded of the message he had seen on Ancient Treant Kayde’s body back in the Karon Forest. The warning left behind by his ancestor made him particularly wary of the Ackermanns, except for Paul Ackermann whom he had a good understanding of thanks to the game.

It was common knowledge that First Prince Lucius Ackermann and Second Prince Aubrey Ackermann were incompetent and unlikely to achieve anything significant, which meant that Lilian Ackermann was the greatest threat of all.

Despite it being their first time meeting one another, Roel could clearly sense cold hostility coming from her purple eyes. The fact that he was experiencing a pressure from her was more than enough to verify that he wasn’t just overthinking it.

Roel wasn’t too surprised by her enmity since she was the only female capture target whom he hadn’t encountered prior to this, which would probably mean that their relationship would be the default state as it was in the game. That being said, he had no intention of winning her goodwill.

After having brought Alicia, Nora, and Charlotte to his side, he didn’t think that Lilian alone could pose a threat to him after all. Besides, he believed that it would be futile for him to try to win Lilian’s goodwill since he didn’t have the necessary condition to pull it off.

In truth, despite Lilian Ackermann’s cold exterior, she was a hidden brocon, just that no one including her had ever known about it since she had never had a younger brother before… until now, that was.

InEyes of the Chronicler, Lilian’s first impression of Paul wasn’t particularly good, but as time passed, her brocon nature would be gradually awakened. She would begin to show more care and concern toward Paul, allowing the latter to rise through the ranks without a hitch.

Roel had tried analyzing the matter, and his conclusion was that it might have been a rebound effect from the extreme lack of kinship Lilian suffered from a young age. Deep down, she harbored an unbelievably strong desire for family bonds, and Paul was her younger brother in name regardless of whether he was a pureblood or not.

Other than that, everything else was of secondary importance.

Given that Roel wasn’t her family member, it would be nigh impossible for him to win her trust. As long as he couldn’t break down the barriers surrounding her heart, there was nothing he could do that would win her goodwill.

The lack of this vital key left Roel with no choice but to give up on the notion of building up a friendly relationship with Lilian. For some uncanny reason, the latter also had the same thoughts in mind as she recalled the letter she had received from her father.

Don’t get close to the Ascarts.

This was

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