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On the streets, Paul Ackermann was left even more flabbergasted after hearing Charlotte’s introduction, though the same applied to all of the women eyeing Roel in the surroundings too.

Charlotte discreetly shot a glance and noted how most of the women had been intimidated by her show of dominance. That brought a satisfied curl on her lips.

It was one thing if Charlotte and Roel were just dating—that wouldn’t be much of an issue to some women—but an engaged couple was a whole different story. An engagement contract was formed on the mutual consent of two noble houses, signifying an exchange of benefits. There was no place for a third party to butt in on it.

The female students from the Cecilia Women’s Institution and Saint Weiss Academy clenched their jaws and left in frustration. Charlotte exhaled softly before finally turning her attention back to Roel and his companion.

It was only then she was able to take a good look at Roel’s companion. In terms of appearance, this young man could be considered to be slightly above average. His fashion sense was fairly decent, his choices of clothes and accessories complementing well with one another. However, for some reason, there was a feeling of incongruence between him and his clothes.

“Ah! I’m Paul Ackermann. It’s a pleasure to meet you too!”

It took Paul a while to recover from Charlotte’s shocking declaration, and he quickly introduced himself to her too. Those words, however, immediately caused the air to tense up. Charlotte’s pupils slowly dilated, and Paul also belatedly recalled the enmity between their countries.


“S-sorry, I, it’s…”


Paul anxiously apologized right away, flailing his arms around in a fluster, not knowing what to do. On the other hand, Charlotte frowned silently for a long while before finally calming down after meeting Roel’s eyes.

The Ackermann House could be said to be the nemesis of the Sorofya House, for the former had nearly driven the Sorofyas into extinction during the civil war back then. The appearance of the illegitimate son of the emperor half a year ago had caused a huge commotion in the Austine Empire, so it went without saying that the well-connected Charlotte was aware of the matter as well.

However, even if Paul’s existence was a smudge on the reputation of the Austine Imperial Family, Charlotte still couldn’t bring herself to like a person who bore the ‘Ackermann’ family name. This was how deep her prejudice toward them was.

That being said, Paul was in Roel’s company at the moment, and the two of them appeared to be discussing something. Given so, no matter how much Charlotte disliked the Ackermanns, she would at least accord some respect to her man and not cause a scene here.

So, she directed a nod of acknowledgment toward Roel first before turning to address Paul.

“Mister Ackermann, there’s no need to apologize to me. You’re Roel’s friend right now, and our countries have s

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