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Looking at the notifications swiftly popping up in the System, Roel took a sweeping gaze at his surroundings and saw that quite a few people in the crowd had gone green too.

Of course, the largest sum was still from Paul, but there were still small bits of Affection Points trickling in from all around too. It looked like there were quite a few righteous people in the world after all.

With such thoughts in mind, Roel’s mood grew a little better. He turned over to Paul with a smile and said.

“It’s nothing much. I just can’t stand it when others parading their strength around to oppress those weaker than them.”

“Big brother Roel…”

“I should be younger than you though,” said Roel as he reached out and helped Paul back up to his feet.

Paul raised his head to look at Roel with eyes filled with gratitude, but he immediately flinched when he saw the sight behind Roel. At the same time, a familiar voice sounded.

“Indeed, I can’t stand such stuff too. It’s just that you made far too big of a commotion here.”


A doting sigh echoed behind Roel. Surprised by the voice, he instinctively turned his head around, only to see a golden silhouette walking through the parted crowd.

Nora Xeclyde was slowly heading his way under the accompaniment of the Theocracy’s nobles, but unlike his earlier encounter with Charlotte on the streets, he was much more composed this time around.

Nora was bound to make an entrance here after the huge ruckus he had caused by releasing the nine-headed serpent. Technically speaking, Roel was considered to be under her jurisdiction since he was a noble of the Theocracy too.

As Nora was enrolling into the academy this year, the Xeclydes generously offered to subsidize the tuition fee of all suitably aged young nobles of the Theocracy so that they could enroll into the Saint Freya Academy too, resulting in a far larger intake of freshmen this year. In exchange, these nobles were obliged to protect Nora, though, frankly speaking, it was unlikely that she would ever require their protection.

As the successor of the Ascart House, Roel’s standing in the Saint Mesit Theocracy was fairly high. On top of that, there were rumors going around that Nora was on good terms with Roel, which made him somewhat the de facto second-in-charge of the Theocracy’s young nobles too. So, in some sense, it could be said that his actions represented their group.

The discussions amidst the crowd grew even more fervent with Nora’s arrival. Her beautiful and saintly appearance drew attention, and her graceful and magnanimous disposition compelled subservience.

Those who were unaware of her identity hurriedly asked the students around who she was. At the same time, those students who were a little further away on the grass field began making their way over in this direction, drawn by the earlier ruckus caused by the nine-headed serpent.

Nora did a quick scan of the crowd, and she could immediately spo

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