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The moment Nora planted the kiss on Roel’s cheek, everything in the grass field suddenly came to a halt. It was complete silence.

Roel found his mind turning blank from the warm sensation on his cheeks as blood started rushing to his head, causing his face to heat up. He would have never thought that Nora would actually do such a thing before so many eyes.

Even though Nora was very open with Roel, she had always conducted herself with poise in public. In the five years since they had gotten to know one another, Nora had never made any overly intimate moves in public that invited wild speculations before.

After all, she was the successor of a powerful nation. It wouldn’t be wise for someone of her position to reveal her own romantic interest as her enemies could potentially use it as a weapon against her. However, on this very day, perhaps it was due to the threat she felt from her surroundings, her level of aggression was on a far higher level than before.

Little did Roel know that this wasn’t the end to Nora’s ‘reward’.

While Roel was still feeling overly self-conscious from the crowd staring at them with agape mouths, Nora’s sapphire eyes narrowed a little as she followed up with her next move. Roel immediately felt a wet sensation on his cheek, which sent a shudder through his body.

Nora immediately took a step back before indulging herself with Roel’s response.

“Nora, you…”

By this point, Roel’s face had already turned as red as an apple.

The crowd also finally broke the silence as fervent discussions immediately broke out amidst the crowd. The male students who went through a complete cycle of falling in love to falling out of love in just a short minute struck their chests out of sheer frustration whereas the female students stared at Roel with gritted teeth.

Roel dizzied in confusion. He subconsciously wiped off the wet sensation with his hand as he instinctively wanted to protest against Nora’s prank, but the realization that they were in public silenced off his words. He ended up stuttering helplessly with quivering lips.

The adrenaline rush from sharing a moment in front of a crowd made both of their hearts beat fast. Staring at the reddened Roel, Nora felt as if all of her desires had just been set alight.

“Such an expression really is… Ahh, I feel like I’m the one being rewarded here instead.”

“Isn’t this enough of you? If others were to find out…”

Their hushed conversation sounded more like whispers of sweet nothings to the onlookers, though to be fair, the content of their exchange was far more explosive than what they were imagining. However, their private time in public view was soon disrupted by someone else.

“What are the two of you doing here?”

The noisy crowd parted once more as Charlotte finally rushed over from the other end of the grass field. She had noticed that the atmosphere was a little off as soon as she arrived at the scene, but when she heard murmurs

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