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When Roel Ascart’s name echoed in those pitch-black ears, the ancient treant finally managed to link the significance of the current situation to a family name in its river of memories. It understood what this family name signified, and the knowledge of it finally eased its tensed nerves.

“He’s not an enemy.”

A hoarse voice sounded from the ancient treant, and it made the demonic creatures and werewolves heave a sigh of relief. Shadows swiftly flitted across the darkness of the forest as these guards quickly left the area in packs.

Roel calmly looked on as the shadowy figures hiding in the darkness of the forest swiftly departed one after another. In response, he released the manifestation of the crimson giant behind him, causing the crimson mana to dissipate into the surroundings, and the golden snake resting on his arm slowly slithered back into the Nine-headed Serpent Staff.

With a gentle breeze, the forest reverted back to its usual calm, as if nothing had happened at all.

“I’m grateful for your hospitality despite my abrupt visit, Mister Kayde.”

“No, it’s only right for me to do this. But the Ascarts, hm? There have been quite a few interesting things going on recently…” remarked Kayde.

It raised his head to gaze into the distance. Perhaps it was an illusion, but Roel felt that the ancient treant’s eyes were gleaming brightly. A moment later, the latter spoke once more.

“Before we get to that… boy, do you have any alcohol? I’m pining for some.”

“Ahh, it tastes as nostalgic as ever. Like Ousen’s black soil, it really is an unforgettable flavor…”

The ancient treant poured vat after vat of the pale yellow alcohol into its tree hole as it moaned in pleasure and delight, though the weird analogy used here left Roel with a bizarre look on his face.

When Kayde asked Roel for alcohol, the latter revealed a ‘Heh, I got it all prepared’ smile and gestured for Cynthia and the others to bring ten vats of alcohol forward. He thought that it should have been enough, but to his surprise, the ancient treant drank alcohol not by sucking it up through its roots but by pouring directly into its tree hole.

The alcohol was consumed quickly, but fortunately, it was enough to satisfy Kayde’s craving. The Cadi wine had scratched him right at where it itched, and just like any satisfied drunkard in a bar, he began sharing his story.

“Isabella? No, I don’t know that name, though I have heard of ‘Queen’. I’m actually a member of the Twilight Sages Assembly too, going by the alias of ‘Chronicler’.Erp!”

Roel was surprised to hear that the Assembly actually accepted treants too. It was within his expectations that Kayde didn’t know that Isabella was ‘Queen’ given the high level of secrecy maintained within the organization… but why would it be familiar with the family name ‘Ascart’ then?

Kayde pondered a long while over this question as it downed another vat of wine before sighing deeply.

“The answer

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