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Lilian Ackermann was a complicated and self-contradicting woman, and this trait could be traced to the family she came from.

Most children viewed their family to be a steadfast shelter they could fall back on whenever they encountered a storm, but to Lilian, who was born in the Ackermann Imperial Family, it was the source of her misery instead.

The current circumstances surrounding the Austine Empire were no secret to the world.

It had been more than a decade since Lilian’s two older brothers graduated from the Saint Freya Academy, but they still hadn’t made a breakthrough in their Origin Level yet, resulting in an unnerving tension enveloping the empire. With no clear successor in sight, the internal strife for power continued to persist. In fact, the conflict only grew rifer with time, especially in recent years as Lilian came of age.

‘Kinship exists not in the imperial family’, such a phrase couldn’t be more apt to describe Austine’s imperial family. Despicable schemes and vile traps, these were the gifts that Lilian often received from her older brothers. As for her parents, she knew deep well that she was nothing more than a tool in their eyes. One saw her as a tool for succession and the other saw her as a tool to sustain glory. The only reason why she hadn’t been swapped out yet was because she was currently the best one amongst them.

Even from a young age, Lilian had already been exposed to the ugliness of humans, and it had been a long time since she had already given up on the poor excuse of a family she had. Yet, this was the very root of her contradiction too.

The more one was deprived of something, the more one would covet it. Ironically, the one thing that Lilian Ackermann wanted the most was a real family.

A deep, lasting, inseverable bond between those who cared and loved one another; this was what Lilian viewed a real family to be like. All this while, this had been a pipe dream for her, something that would never be within her reach, but on this very day, an opportunity chanced before her.

It was just that it wasn’t a family member in terms of blood ties but bloodline.

Blood ties and bloodline—these were two different concepts on the Sia Continent. Blood tie was something determined at birth by the virtue of one’s parents whereas bloodline was a quality one had to awaken to. These were concepts that looked similar at first glance but had vastly different meanings.

Take Roel Ascart for example, the kin who was closest to him in terms of blood ties as his father, Carter, but his bloodline kin would be the previous members of the Ascart House who had awakened to the Ascart Bloodline, namely Ro Ascart and Winstor Ascart.

Born eight hundred years away from one another, even though Roel and Winstor both came from the same Ascart House, the generations between them meant that they were likely to be complete strangers in terms of blood ties by now. Nevertheless, if the two of them were to me

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