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When it came to entrance ceremonies, be it in Roel’s previous life or the current one, there was always a standard procedure that everyone would have to go through. Usually, the more prestigious the academy was, the grander the procedure would be.

It started off with the opening speech from Leinster’s mayor, followed by speeches from important figures of the various Scholar Guilds. It was worth noting that there were all high-level transcendents. Of course, these powerhouses wouldn’t be personally teaching in the academy, but still, it was quite a feat to gather all of them together in a single location.

One must know that the Scholar Guilds weren’t necessarily in partnership with one another. There was a great deal of rivalry going on, and sometimes, conflicts could get really intense between scholars who had contrasting views on a subject. It was similar to how the physicists in Roel’s previous life got really passionate about the debate on the true nature of light. At one point, things got so heated up that the particle faction and wave faction nearly came to blows with one another, wanting to wake up the other’s idea by whacking their heads.

It was the same for the scholars on the Sia Continent too, just that things were ateeny bitmore dangerous here since these scholars were powerful transcendents. If they really came to blows with one another, someone would likely walk out with severe injuries or even end up dead, so they always tried their best to remain calm. Nevertheless, it was still rather dangerous whenever they gathered together for a symposium.

In past academic exchanges, there would be scholars who got completely riled up from having their life’s work refuted by another and ended up resorting to fists. With an attitude that could be encapsulated with ‘Theory? Screw that! Let’s put it into practice and see who’s better!’, they nearly knocked themselves out.

Well, it couldn’t be helped that scholars tended to be quite strong-headed, and their extreme devotion to their research often meant that they lacked social interaction, resulting in them being terrible with words and managing their emotions. Whenever they found themselves angered and frustrated, the only means they knew to express their feelings was through violence.

Ironically, even the instructors hired from Knight Kingdom Pendor were much more well-tempered than them. They would criticize others, but rarely would they resort to violence in order to resolve a conflict. After all, unlike scholars who holed themselves up in their labs for research, these knights had traveled around the world and accrued societal experience, so they were much better at peopling.

If there were any occasions that could make these scholars put aside their grudges, it would be the entrance and graduation ceremonies held in this assembly hall. It was common knowledge that the best way to recruit an individual was when he was still young and ignorant, which made it much ea

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