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Looking at the message left several centuries behind by his ancestor on the crown of the ancient treant, Roel found himself utterly bewildered. He reached out to touch the carvings, which shimmered a faint, dark golden luminescence from time to time, as he pondered over the significance of this message.

Do not trust the Ackermanns… What does he mean by this?

Naturally, Roel knew who the Ackermanns were—how could he possibly not know the imperial family of the Austine Empire? But the message to not trust the Ackermanns was extremely perplexing as it meant that the Ascart House, at least in Ro’s generation, was in contact with the Ackermanns.

This was rather inconceivable since the Ascart Fiefdom was geographically distant from the Austine Empire, and Ro should have barely reached maturity when he left these words behind. It was a little hard to believe that a young adult of a foreign noble house would be able to come into contact with Austine’s imperial family.

From the fact that Ro was able to find Karon Forest from tracing Winstor’s trails, it should be safe to say that he was a meticulous person. It didn’t seem likely that a meticulous person would make a hasty judgment and even go to the extent of leaving a warning behind for the later generations without concrete evidence. If so, the most likely possibility should be…

“Is it from a snippet of history?” murmured Roel as his eyes turned sharp.

He could make guesses on what Ro had managed to uncover, but there were too few clues at the moment to form a complete picture. In any case, it was good that he had received a lead from his ancestors to know where he should work on next.

Roel leaped his way back down to the ground and took some time to organize his thoughts. He hadn’t met anyone from the Ackermanns yet thus far, but he knew that their paths would soon intersect at the academy. Meanwhile, Kayde continued gulping down the other vats of alcohol when a thought suddenly surfaced in his mind.

“Speaking of which, are you related to the girl who came by a while back?”

“Huh? What girl?”

Roel raised his head and asked. The treant received his answer from the confused look on his face and nodded contemplatively.

“I see. It seems like she isn’t your companion.”

“May I ask what happened?”

“It was around a month ago…”

A month ago, on a crescent moon night, a girl dressed in full armor arrived at the Karon Forest. Kayde initially thought nothing of the matter, but to his astonishment, the other party managed to track down his whereabouts and soon stood before his presence.

Clearly, the girl had visited the Karon Forest with a goal in mind—Kayde. Before the ancient treant could say anything, the other party had already conveyed her message in a clear and concise manner.

‘Be careful, they might have already found this place.’

Leaving this message behind, she turned around and left before Kayde could even snap out of his daze.

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