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“There are so many people of our age here!”

As they walked onto the huge grass field slightly beyond the academy gates, Paul Ackermann couldn’t help but look at everything around him in a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. As someone who had grown up in a remote village, he was having some difficulties trying to accustom himself to this new environment.

Beside him, Roel revealed a faint smile as he assessed his surroundings too. Even he had to admit that the Saint Freya Academy did feel a little nerve-wracking at the moment, be it the sheer number of people gathered in the area or the grandeur of the surroundings.

The grass field they were standing on was at least the size of several football fields, such that it created an illusion that there was no end to it. On it stood the sculptures of renowned staff members of the Saint Freya Academy over the past thousand years.

Putting aside the deceased, the sculptures of the incumbent Principal Antonio, Vice Principal Campbell, the grade heads, and some of the active sage teachers were present too.

‘Sage teacher’ was a term used specifically in the Saint Freya Academy, and it referred to teachers who had nurtured over a hundred elite graduates. This requirement sounded easy enough, but it was much more difficult than it looked as the Saint Freya Academy’s system made it easy to enroll but hard to graduate.

The biggest barrier to enrolling into the Saint Freya Academy was the exorbitant academy fees, but as long as one could overcome that obstacle, everything else wouldn’t be a problem at all. However, graduating from this academy was a completely different matter. There were plenty of students who were expelled or retained in the same grade due to the lack of Academic Credits.

There was also a difference between ‘graduates’ and ‘elite graduates’. Elite graduates were expected to display exceptional proficiency in combat and academics, and their Academic Credits had to be ranked within the top hundred too.

For the academic side, it was pretty similar to the education system in Roel’s previous world, just that there were some additional noble-specific classes, such as ‘etiquette’. In order to graduate, one would have to clear at least twenty of these academic classes.

As for the combat side, it basically referred to the development of one’s transcendent abilities, and the ways to earn Academic Credits here were much more flexible. All in all, they could be divided into two categories.

One was through ranked matches. It involved challenging another student to a duel so as to climb up the ranking, which would, in turn, determine how many Academic Credits one received. As the battles were carried out under the supervision of the academy, there was no threat of death, but it wasn’t too popular since it was hard to earn Academic Credits under this system.

The reason for that was because the ranking system was unfair. Instead of dividing the students by their gr

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