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So far, most of the places where Roel had been to on the Sia Continent were still quite peaceful. Small countries often met with political changes, but most of the large countries were still quite stable internally.

As a result, most of the coming-of-age students had never experienced bloodshed and war. In fact, it would have been the same for Roel too if not for his bloodline. From this, it could be seen just how important the Ascart Bloodline was to his growth. Had he never awakened it, he would have probably walked down a very different path in the end.

On this aspect, the only one who fared a little better was probably the Xeclydes. Not every royal family would be so brave as to dare send their successor to the borders to fight a war.

Roel guessed that Nora had probably accumulated far more combat experience than him in the years she had spent at the eastern border, or at least in terms of normal fights. When it came to life-and-death battles, however, he did have an advantage over her.

One went for quantity whereas the other quality. It would be hard to determine which one was superior at this point yet.

As for the talk about them having to shoulder the responsibilities of humankind, honestly, if Roel hadn’t known about the existence of the Six Calamities, he wouldn’t have really thought much about it either.

It was the divergence in experiences that gave rise to the different perceptions. Principal Antonio’s words carried deep meaning, but most of the freshmen probably wouldn’t be able to relate to them. Still, there was definitely a deeper reason why Antonio chose to say those words in advance, and Roel could fathom a guess at it.

Most likely, it was something like a heads up regarding the fight with the deviants. However, if his guess was right, that would mean that Antonio wasn’t too optimistic about the situation over at the frontline.

Does this mean that he has some information that others knew not of, or is he just being careful here?

Roel’s train of thoughts brought a deep frown to his face.

Soon, Antonio finally finished his speech and left the stage amidst the warm applause of the students.

“It feels like there’s something deeper to what the principal said,” murmured Nora broodingly while applauding along with the crowd.

As someone who had spent quite some time in the eastern border, she seemed to have notice something was amiss here too. At the same time, Charlotte, who had witnessed the existence of the Six Calamities together with Roel, also had a complicated look on her face.

“Indeed, though I reckon that most here wouldn’t have gotten it.”

Charlotte gave a rare nod of agreement to Nora’s judgment. She scanned the surroundings with her emerald eyes, only to see the excited smiles of the freshmen. That left her with a deep sigh.

Roel listened to the words of the two young ladies, but he chose not to give his take on the matter. The applause soon died down, and yet ano

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