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Roel looked at the students who were slowly approaching Paul before glancing at the familiar golden-haired figure standing amidst a huge crowd. Then, he examined his surroundings, and finally, he breathed a sigh of relief as his heart was finally put at ease.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this should be the final event of Paul Ackermann’s starting sequence in the game.

Who in this world hoped the most for Paul’s disappearance?

InEyes of the Chronicler, that person could have very well been Roel, but things had started heading down a different path from the moment he regained the memories of his past life. There was no longer a reason for him to hate on Paul, and so, the position of the main villain would have to be passed on to two other people—Paul’s older brothers.

Ever since ancient times, the most vicious fights tended to arise from internal strife, and this was best exemplified in the current circumstances surrounding the Austine Empire. Paul Ackermann was only an illegitimate son with average talents so far, but even so, his existence still left the two older princes deeply worried. They didn’t want Paul to attend the academy as it signified an opportunity for growth.

Any hope that Paul could grow into a high-level transcendent translated into despair for them.

In fact, his two good brothers even prepared a gift for Paul’s first day at the academy so as to thoroughly crush his confidence. The other princes had been working hard to build up their own noble faction over the past decade, so they had no lack of lackeys to use in the academy.

Roel grasped his staff quietly as he watched the two men walking in their direction, but he had no intention of making a move in advance. On one hand, he couldn’t simply just ‘predict the future’ here, and on the other, it hadn’t even been an hour since he first met Paul.

I’ll just wait for an opportunity to make my move.

With such thoughts in mind, Roel bade Paul farewell before walking away.

Looking at the scenery around him, Paul Ackermann found his initially nervous heart slowly calming down as a tinge of excitement started to grow within him.

There had to be at least a thousand youths of the similar ages around him, and he had never been in such an environment before. It was inevitable that he would feel a little unnerved, but at the same time, it also made him realize that he was finally standing on a different stage.

The students here came from all parts of the world, and there weren’t that many people who recognized him here. He wouldn’t be scorned here as he had been back at the Austine Empire. In this academy, they were all fellow students, people of equal standing.

As long as he worked hard on this new stage, things might just turn out for the better for him..

With great hopes for the future, Paul continued walking forward, only to have someone suddenly halt his path,

“Hey, you’re Paul, right?”

“Ah? You are…?”

“We’re your senior

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