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A year later, in the Country of Scholars…

It was springtime once more. The capital of Brolne, Leinster, was finally thawing from the biting winter’s frost. As the weather grew more hospitable, a visible tinge of green began sprouting along the streets, and the general streetwear became lighter and more casual.

As if mirroring the change in season, the city also gradually grew more bustling and vibrant… though the real reason behind it was the start of a new academic semester.

Every spring, Leinster would become the most bustling city in the whole of humankind. Youths across the Sia Continent, both nobles and commoners, would gather at this place, seeking to further their knowledge.

As the country that housed over 80% of the Scholar Guilds, Brolne boasted a diverse range of academies. Leinster was even dubbed as the Capital of Academies in honor of its position as the education hub of humankind.

Over 60% of Leinster’s land belonged to education institutions, and there were over twenty tertiary academies that accepted adults of fourteen years of age or above. Naturally, there was no reason for the academies to limit themselves to only taking in nobles. In fact, commoners made up the bulk of the student population in most academies.

The Leinster Tertiary Academy, the Cecilia Women’s Institution, and the Saint Weiss Academy were all well-known academies that were sponsored by some of the largest Scholar Guilds, and each of them had its own strengths. However, if one were to rank the academies in terms of influence, there was one academy that clearly topped the list—the Saint Freya Academy.

The Saint Freya Academy was founded nine hundred years ago. It was the very first academy in Leinster, established in the same year as Brolne. In fact, Leinster was a city built around the Saint Freya Academy, just that the number of students arriving in the city kept increasing over time until it eventually reached its current scale.

So, how large was the influence of the Saint Freya Academy then?

This was a question that wasn’t easy to answer, but a hint of it could be seen during the largest event of the Saint Freya Academy—its Centennial Academy Foundation Day.

Some of the renowned alumni of the previous Centennial Academy Foundation Day included the Austine Empire’s emperor, the Saint Mesit Theocracy’s Holy Eminence, Brolne’s speaker, and the Pendor United Kingdom’s king. If not for the fact that Rosa hadn’t been founded then, there would probably be the chief of the Rosa Merchant Confederacy in the list of guests too.

This was indubitably a powerful network of connections for the Saint Freya Academy, possibly the most terrifying one on the Sia Continent.

What made this even more terrifying was that the very act of graduating from the Saint Freya Academy could be said to be a legacy in itself. When generations of preceding emperors and kings had walked out of this academy, their descendants pretty much had no c

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