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‘Roel Ascart was an extremely careful person’, this was an evaluation shared by almost everyone who knew him after he regained the memories of his past life.

From the moment Roel became cognizant of the true nature of this world, he knew right away that he wasn’t someone blessed by the world. He was far too aware of the threats lurking around him that he couldn’t rest at ease even after he won Alicia and the others over to his side.

One of the reasons why that was the case was his fear of the original plotline.

Having lived in this world for many years now, Roel couldn’t think ofEyes of the Chronicleras a simple game anymore. This world was indubitably his current reality, regardless of whether it was the world of a gal game or not. Going by the plotline, the academy arc was definitely going to be a vital phase for him.

He had worked hard thus far to shake up the plotline as much as he could, and he didn’t think that his efforts had been in vain since he had significantly changed Alicia, Nora, and Charlotte’s view of him. However, he still wasn’t convinced that this was enough.

It was true that three of the female capture targets no longer bore hostility toward him, but he thought that it would be foolish to simply shrug off the threats posed by the other key elements that led to his downfall.

The black-haired, blue-eyed young man who was trudging on while staring at a piece of paper in his hand was a familiar person to Roel Ascart, for he was the protagonist of theEyes of the Chronicler, Paul Ackermann.

If Roel remembered correctly, this was the opening scene that occurred thirty seconds into the game, a cutscene that could be collected and replayed from the main menu.

In Roel’s previous world, it was a tradition for the protagonist to be late for school on his very first day due to some compelling reason, whether he overslept or bumped into a beautiful girl with a piece of bread in her mouth. As the protagonist of a gal game, Paul had such a cliché scene too, just that the bread had been replaced with a hulking carriage.

In the very first scene, Paul Ackermann held onto a map drawn by his maid as he searched frantically for the Saint Freya Academy in this massive yet foreign city, worried that he wouldn’t make it in time for the entrance ceremony. It hadn’t been long since he had been found, and this was his first time being in a city as big as Leinster too since he had grown up in the countryside.

To make things worse, he had forgotten to bring his ‘Book of Truth’ insignia along with him, resulting in his act of asking for help to be mistaken as a poor attempt at flirting, so no one paid him any heed at all.

Left with no choice, he could only refer to the only clue he had—the incredibly abstract map drawn by his maid—and try to find his way around. However, he was too engrossed in the map that he failed to check his surroundings carefully before crossing the street, resulting in him unintentionally

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