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In a carriage racing down the street, Charlotte Sorofya rested her chin on her arm as she glanced at the crowd outside. There was a slight furrow sitting atop her forehead, hinting at her irritated mood.

“… It has been three months since we last met,” she murmured to herself, voicing out her frustrations in this private space.

She was thinking about her lover and fiancé in name, Roel Ascart. After going through numerous dangerous situations a year ago, they eventually fell into love with one another. To her distress, however, the time they had with one another ended up being severely limited.

Three months had passed ever since Roel and Alicia journeyed to the Holy Capital during the New Year to reunite with Carter, but the princess of the Saint Mesit Theocracy, Nora, refused to allow him to leave. She forcefully retained him till the start of the academic semester, foiling Charlotte’s plan to share a ride with him to Brolne.

And that wasn’t all!

Tracing time back a little more, that woman used her birthday as an excuse to keep Roel in the Holy Capital for more than a month, which meant that she had stolen five months worth of honeymoon from them! Just the thought of it made Charlotte tremble in rage.

Ever since they parted at Rosa last year, Roel found himself busy with all sorts of work. He first spent two months traveling to the Karon Forest, and as soon as he returned, he dove right into discussing a plan with her to migrate an ancient treant over to the Ascart Fiefdom.

Worried that something might go awry, he chose to supervise the operation personally and travel alongside Kayde. Due to the massive size of the ancient treant, the entire operation ended up taking another three more months.

Following that, Roel, in his role as the proxy fief lord, began to settle down the members of the Strength Sect and Unyielding Sect in the fiefdom while reviewing the fiefdom’s laws relating to the heretics. Also, he had to follow up with the problems that had cropped up during the fiefdom’s massive economic growth and push forward solutions.

Basically, he was bogged down with endless work!

Seeing how busy her lover was, there was no way Charlotte could bear to watch him suffer on his own. Tapping into her influence in Rosa, she helped to resolve some of the economic problems faced by the Ascart Fiefdom, winning her great popularity from the civilians and officials. In just a short period of time, she managed to make her name out.

However, gains and losses came hand-in-hand. Charlotte’s devotion of her time and effort into the Ascart Fiefdom meant that she had even less time to spend with Roel.

Her pent-up feelings of affection left her incredibly suffocated, which, in turn, resulted in her sulkiness. Such had been her mood ever since she started setting off for Brolne.

The frustrated young lady looked out of the window to gazed upon Leinster’s streets. This was a place where she knew she would eventually

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