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Cracks of the morning sun shone on the horizon, heralding a new day for the Karon Forest. Diurnal animals awoke from their slumber and began their daily activities, the most notable of which being the melodious chirping of the birds in the sky.

It was in such a refreshing environment that an army of over a hundred people traversed quietly through the forest. They were dressed sloppily, most of them not even having any footwear. The one leading the army was a dark grey-haired middle-aged man and a grey-haired elder, Rodney and Wood.

The two of them were currently standing on top of a tree with weapons in their hands, looking for a better position to camp at so that they could better command the villagers traveling discreetly by the sides of the road.

Indeed! Today was the day that the two village chiefs of the Strength Sect were going to explore the world of banditry together with their people. Admittedly, it was quite embarrassing for them to be doing such a thing, but there was nothing that could be done since it was a request coming from the Master of the Forest.

Moving time back to a day ago…

This was the first time Rodney and Wood had received a request from the Master of the Forest, and it was quite unexpected since they couldn’t imagine anything this treant, who had survived through the ancient era, would need from them.

Just what in the world would prompt this esteemed being to seek our help? Has it met with some grave crisis?

Rodney and Wood’s faces immediately turned solemn, but what Ancient Treant Kayde said afterward made their expressions turn a little bizarre.

“I heard a piece of news from my faraway companions. A convoy is bringing a lot of my beloved Cadi wine over. Ah, that delectable texture and wondrous taste! I haven’t had it for almost a hundred years now…”

That night, Rodney and Wood stared at one another in bewilderment as they listened to the towering treant moan about its love for Cadi wine for over an hour. For a moment there, they felt that Ancient Treant Kayde sounded like a frustrated alcohol addict who was forbidden from touching any alcohol by his children.

Anyway, the request it had was to plunder the alcohol carried by the passing convoy.


The two Origin Level 3 transcendents were speechless upon hearing the request, but at the same time, they found themselves heaving a sigh of relief too.

Honestly speaking, they were grateful to the Master of the Forest for accepting them, but they weren’t in a good position to be taking on hard requests. If it was something which Ancient Treant Kayde couldn’t resolve with the werewolves under his command, it was likely that the Strength Sect would have to pay a heavy price in order to fulfill the request too.

If that was the case, both Rodney and Wood would have no choice but to turn down the request even at the expense of appearing ungrateful. However, such was not the case now.

Is banditry shameful?

Of c

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