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While Roel was dealing with Nora’s sudden aggression at the highest balcony of Seyer Tower, Charlotte Sorofya was sitting in the midst of another battlefield, facing what could arguably have been the toughest challenge she had ever faced in her life.

She was currently having dinner in the Sorofyas’ second estate, Kairos Manor. However, unlike the light-hearted dinner between Nora and Roel, it was much more solemn over here.

There was only one guest here tonight, and that was the patriarch of the Ascart House, Carter Ascart. The invitee was Bruce Sorofya, but this wasn’t a secret meeting between the two of them since they were accompanied by a third person.

Charlotte dined gracefully into her dinner as she listened to the light chatter between the two patriarchs. They had been chatting since the previous day, so it was only natural that they were much more familiar with one another now. As such, their conversation took a much more casual tone than before.

“Marquess Carter, it looks like the weather over on your side is much better than in previous years.”

“Indeed. It’s gladdening that this year’s winter isn’t as cold as the previous years, but the snowfall is still as heavy as ever. It’s good that Rosa has a much stabler climate. Your agricultural harvest should be decent this year.”

“Haha, indeed. Our agricultural department estimates that we’ll have a good harvest this year.”

Bruce took a sip of wine as he replied with a smile. He discreetly glanced sideward and saw that Charlotte was much more nervous than usual, and he sighed softly in his heart.

So far, since the start of the dinner till now, the serving of the desserts, the three of them had been mostly engaged in idle chatter. After spending a great deal of time padding and building up good relations, Bruce finally began making his move.

“Marquess Carter, I’m really apologetic about this incident. Charlotte was simply too concerned about Roel that she acted rashly.”

“Hahaha! Mister Bruce, there’s no need to apologize. Our Alicia is at fault here too. She’s too devoted to Roel that such a ridiculous incident ended up occurring. We should be the ones apologizing here instead.”

“Marquess Carter, you’re too courteous. Speaking of which, it’s thanks to Miss Alicia that we were able to treat Roel’s affliction. Roel and Charlotte have visited a ruin and retrieved many of our missing technology and heritage from the Sofya Kingdom. He’s the benefactor of our Sofya House, and we’re relieved that his affliction has been resolved without a hitch.”

The two fathers chatted with another amidst laughter whereas Charlotte’s face grew even paler. Marquess Carter was explicitly showing his support for his adopted daughter, Alicia. Most importantly of all, throughout the conversation, not once had Carter mentioned anything about the engagement contract at all.

Under Nora’s interference, the engagement contract between the two houses had been practically ren

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