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As the patriarch of the Ascart House, Carter’s goal had always been quite straightforward—I want many, many grandchildren.

The Ascart House was one of the few noble houses whose lineage remained thin despite having sustained its legacy for a thousand years now. It was often lacking in members, such that it wasn’t rare for the house to have only a single successor in line.

Carter’s father, Blanc Ascart, had once explained the unique traits of the Ascart House to him when he was younger.

Child, the members of our house are good at one-on-one, but we won’t survive group battles. Why, you ask? That’s because we don’t even have a group at all!

Carter could still remember the hopeful look in his father’s eyes when he said those words, seemingly pinning great expectations on him. Unfortunately, his father was doomed to be disappointed.

As per family tradition, Carter ended up bearing a sole son for the Ascart House. When he realized that his son was of mediocre talent—or to put it in other words, an ordinary human—he was inevitably disappointed for a period of time, but he soon thought things through. This could be a blessing for the Ascart House in some ways.

One of the key responsibilities of a noble was to bear successors so as to sustain their lineage. If Roel was weak, he wouldn’t be entrusted with heavy responsibilities, thus giving him plenty of spare time in the fiefdom. What else would a perfectly functional grown man do when he had an excess of spare time…

As fact would have it, it was usually in eras where the patriarchs were of mediocre talent that the Ascart House tended to have more offspring. One reason was because they had more time to ‘woohoo~’, and the other was because they had more wives.

Their incompetence as a transcendent meant that they were only able to marry down to the daughters of earls. Needless to say, an earl’s daughter wouldn’t have the power to stop her marquess husband from taking in concubines, so the patriarchs in such generations usually ended up having a huge harem and many children.

It was just that the same problem would crop up a few generations later. When the patriarch became strong once more, his wife would be of significant backing, possibly a talented transcendent too. Naturally, the patriarch wouldn’t be able to take in concubines, and what made things worse was that a couple consisting of two transcendents gave rise to the lowest possible birth rate.

Carter had read and seen all sorts of ridiculous situations in the family history and the circle of nobility over the years, but still, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy when he saw the women gathering around Roel. He could sense it in his bones:It was the calm before the storm.

The princess of the Saint Mesit Theocracy, the successor of the Rosa Merchant Confederacy, and the young miss of the Ascart House; the gathering of these people could easily make the headlines in international news. Perhaps it was due to the

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