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Cynthia’s pledge of loyalty came so abruptly that Roel took a while to digest the fact.

The influence that higher existences has over lower existences through the Origin Attribute is greater than I thought, Roel thought.

Oblivious to him, Cynthia didn’t just come to this decision under Peytra’s influence. Roel’s strengths were also in her list of considerations too.

It was a perfectly normal for heretics to follow their Holy Son since the latter was able to communicate with their god and bestow blessings, but the fact that Roel was a powerful and influential proxy fief lord definitely played a huge factor too. It meant that it was worth throwing their weight in with him.

While the Sorofyas treated the heretics fairly well, their faith still lay in the Three Main Origin Attributes. If any mishap occurred, they would have no problem severing their contact with the Ironwall Mercenaries. On the other hand, Roel was already one of their own as the Holy Son of the Unyielding Sect, so they could be assured that he wouldn’t abandon them.

Cynthia’s sudden decision was bold, but it was not made out of recklessness. Roel gracefully accepted her pledge of loyalty before moving on discuss the details.

Peytra’s blessing was a huge incentive, but humans were creatures with needs. Material rewards were equally important in spurring motivation too. He had watched far too many shows where humans killed one another over money to not be aware of this.

He did have the legitimacy here now as the Unyielding Sect’s Holy Son, but he had to have a tangible offering in order to reinforce and sustain their loyalty in him. It would be foolish of him to assume that the Unyielding Sect would unconditionally serve him, especially if they didn’t see a brighter future with him.

The Ironwall Mercenaries had been operating in Rosa for more than a decade now. They had invested greatly in their intelligence network and started quite a few businesses here, so it would be a huge pity to tell them to abandon all of these assets. At the very least, Roel didn’t intend to tell them to do something that would make them sustain such a huge loss.

On top of that, the Ironwall Mercenaries had been serving as Charlotte’s guards for quite some time now, so it could be unwise to shake things up unnecessarily. Guards who were strong and loyal were not easy to come by, so he was hoping to have them continue fulfilling that duty, or else he would regret it dearly if something were to happen to Charlotte.

In a sense, it was good that he had taken the Ironwall Mercenaries under his wing since it made them even more trustworthy, meaning they could be trusted with Charlotte’s safety.

So, after careful discussions with Cynthia, Roel decided to put in place an interim measure and divide the Ironwall Mercenaries into the ‘Ascart Fiefdom Headquarters’ and the ‘Rosa Branch’. The Rosa Branch would function as per usual whereas the Ascart Fiefdom Headquarters would

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