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Three days after leaving Rosa City, Roel noticed that there was something really weird going on.

“Why do my lips look a little swollen?”

Roel stared at his swollen red lips in the mirror with questions buzzing in his mind. He was prepared for the possibility of him being afflicted with all sorts of ailments from being in a different environment, but the symptom he was suffering was beyond his understanding.

What could possibly cause swollen lips? Did I accumulate too much ‘heat’ in my body from eating too much barbecued meat? That shouldn’t be. I’ve never suffered such symptoms before, and a transcendent’s body shouldn’t be that weak!

Roel had no idea what was happening to him, so he called Cynthia over to enquire about it. After taking a careful look at it, she responded carefully.

“Milord, it looks like it’s just… swollen.”

Roel was left a little speechless. He lowered his gaze contemplatively while stroking his chin, trying to figure out the situation here. However, this action resulted in him noticing something that caused his eyes to widen.

In view of the possibility that a battle could occur, the carriage modified by the Sorofyas didn’t use comfortable soft carpeting that could be hard to maintain balance on, but a special type of material that grasped onto the soles of one’s feet. This special material made it much easier to see things that would usually not be too conspicuous… such as footprints.

Roel stared at the footprint on the floor as his complexion gradually turned awful.

Cynthia and the other mercenaries would step onboard his carriage and report their schedule every day, but he was certain that this footprint didn’t belong to any of them. It was simply too small, to the point that he suspected it to have come from a child.

A child was able to circumvent my defenses and sneak in while I was asleep?

This notion left Roel feeling deeply unnerved.

His first thought was that it might have been a ghost. Ghosts did exist in the Sia Continent, but they weren’t as terrifying as they were in his previous life as there were many known means to deal with them. Still, the knowledge that someone had been peeking on him at night made him incredibly uncomfortable.

But on second thought, it didn’t really make sense that a ghost could leave behind a footprint, which meant the being which had been sneaking into his carriage was likely to be incredibly powerful. It reminded him of the legends of the banshees, who were rumored to feast on the life force of human travelers. However, the last known sighting of a banshee was already several centuries back.

Roel didn’t think that he would be so lucky as to meet with a mythical monster, but nonetheless, this matter was definitely not one he should make light of. The carriage of the Ascarts’ successor wasn’t a place where anyone could climb onboard as and when they pleased.

After a moment of careful contemplation, Roel regained his composure and

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