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On the carriage, Roel lay on a soft bed as he gazed at the sky like a lonely old man.

Charlotte had specially modified a luxurious carriage for Roel for this expedition. The exterior design of the carriage was simplistic since they were supposed to be a group of merchants, but it was an entirely different story on the inside. The ceiling had been altered ‘Rosa-style’, allowing him to control its opacity like an electrochromic window. That was the reason why he could see the night sky clearly even within the carriage.

In truth, Charlotte had her own secret motives for doing that. On one hand, it was to relieve Roel’s boredom, but on the other, she was hoping to use the beautiful night sky to spur his memories of the time they had spent together on the Worun Mountain Range, stoking his feelings for her.

She was actually relieved when she saw Roel sending Alicia off, but she knew that there was nothing she could do if Roel were to start missing his little sister. It was normal for one’s mind to wander when traveling quietly in the middle of the night, so she was hoping that this sky window could distract his thoughts.

However, the reality was that the sky window wasn’t very effective.

Even though his time in Rosa City was quite rowdy, he did enjoy his time there. He had good accommodations, delicious food, and he even got to model for Charlotte’s new clothes too. Other than that, he got to meet Nora and Carter, whom he hadn’t seen for quite a while now. Admittedly, the atmosphere was less than harmonious, but overall, it was still welcomed by him.

Reunions are joyful whereas partings are sorrowful; the feeling of emptiness was only amplified when the city bustle had been replaced by the quiet wilderness.

It had been several hours since Roel had left Rosa City, and it was gradually approaching midnight now. The convention of merchant convoys was to retire for the night and rest a little. It was too dangerous to travel in the night since there was the risk of plundering bandits and demonic creatures.

Naturally, Merchant Roel didn’t want to get into any trouble, so he ordered the convoy to stop by the main road. He looked at the cloaked figure standing right outside his carriage and instructed.

“Cynthia, there’s no need to guard me. There should be no dangers tonight.”

“But milord…”

“It’s fine. Rosa’s roads are known for their safety, and we aren’t too far away from the capital yet. Besides, you shouldn’t forget that I’m not a helpless merchant either.”

“I understand. Pardon me for my offense, Lord Holy Son.”

Cynthia nodded in response to Roel’s words deferentially.

When the Ironwall Mercenaries learned that Roel was under the direct protection of the Earth Goddess, their Holy Son, their first reaction was to cast doubt on the authenticity of the matter. Their doubts were swiftly dispelled though after Cynthia brought ten of the mercenary band’s upper echelon to meet Roel.

Roel didn’t have P

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