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Karon Forest was a place Roel had frequently heard of but wasn’t familiar with.

From a young age, he had heard that there was a terrifying place south of the Ascart Fiefdom known as the Karon Forest, where countless monsters and vicious werewolves lurked. These werewolves would sneak into the bedrooms of naught children and swipe them away in the middle of the night.

Indeed, this was a narrative rather popular in not just the Ascart Fiefdom but the entire Saint Mesit Theocracy. Werewolves were depicted to be mass murderers who went around doing evil, similar to a headmaster who was constantly lurking in the shadows, waiting for a child to err so that he could take him away. Almost all children who heard that story for the first time would burst into tears.

Of course, that story no longer scared Roel after he regained the memories of his previous life. He looked into it out of curiosity afterward and noticed that there were many weird stories going about regarding the Karon Forest. Many of those were gossips written into novels, and the Ascart House had quite a sizeable collection of that.

With the terrifying image pinned on the Karon Forest, no one dared to venture into the area anymore except for adventurers with a screw loose. After all, any adventurers who still had any semblance of sanity would rather explore ruins where they could make it rich than to visit some darned forest.

The reason why any adventurer would even think of entering the Karon Forest was probably due to the rumors that there was a great secret hidden in the depths of the forest. The past Roel would have simply shrugged it off as an empty rumor, but after hearing Isabella’s words, he felt that the rumors might be related to the Twilight Sages Assembly.

Treant was an ancient race that had mostly gone extinct by now. They were known for their long lifespan, which could easily go up to several thousand years as long as their environment was fairly decent. Most of the treants that had appeared in the legends were wise sages, but the one Isabella spoke about seemed to be a little atypical.

Drunkard Treant…. What kind of weird combo is that?

Roel was utterly confused by the title, but this was the only clue he had at the moment. He also recalled Isabella mentioning that a core item he would require to meet the Drunkard Treant was the Ancient Austine Empire’s Conti wine. This wine was also a foreign name to Roel, who hardly knew a thing about alcohol at all.

In truth, he was planning to tell Carter about the information he had gathered during this period of time, but when his father mentioned that he would be returning to the eastern border in two days’ time, he chose to keep his silence.

He didn’t want to worry Carter and distract him from his duties. After some careful contemplation, he decided to indirectly probe Carter about the Twilight Sages Assembly and the Six Calamities so as to see how much he knew about these things.

“Hm? I’v

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