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The nearby guards?

Roel was taken aback by Peytra’s sudden remark. As one who had grown up in a large manor, he tended to overlook some of the people in his surroundings, especially the guards.

Guards were essential to the functioning of noble houses, just like maids and servants, but unlike their high profile counterparts, the job scope of a guard required them to remain inconspicuous in most settings.

The guards of the Ascart House were all professionals who had retired from the battlefield, making them far more skilled than normal guards. They were adept at concealing their presence and remaining in the background until danger struck.

Over time, Roel soon got used to ignoring the presence of the guards around him. So, when he turned to the guards standing by the doorway, he could hardly suppress the shock bursting in his heart.

Staring at the armored guards, he suddenly remembered talking to Charlotte about this. According to her, the guards serving the Sorofya House were from a mercenary band they had established a long-term partnership with.

These guards were exceptionally skilled in defensive battles, and they were the ones who had escorted her to the Ascart House back then. It was just that most of them ended up being retained in the Ascart Fiefdom together with Grace, and it wasn’t too long ago that the church finally released them from its custody.

There were no implicit or explicit rules forbidding a noble from hiring heretics as his guards, so this didn’t pose an issue at all. After probing a little deeper, he soon realized that they were using Peytra’s Unyielding Origin Attribute.

The Unyielding Origin Attribute used to belong solely to the Earth Goddess, but the subsequent Earth Goddesses succeeding Peytra began spreading the Origin Attribute around in order to build up a following. However, the lineage of Earth Goddesses eventually died out, leaving Peytra the only one left in the upper echelons of the Origin Attribute.

“I thought that you already knew about it right from the start. Isn’t that why you sought me out?”

“No no, they’re Charlotte’s subordinates. Our meeting was a coincidence.”

After clarifying Peytra’s misunderstanding, Roel moved on to ask if she was able to bestow blessings on her believers, and it turned out that it was roughly the same as Grandar. What particularly caught Roel’s attention was her blessing to significantly enhance her believer’s defense, making the already tanky heretics of the Unyielding Sect even more impossible to deal with.

Needless to say, Roel was delighted by how things were turning out. He decided to rally the heretics of the Unyielding Sect over to his side, but there were some things he had to deal with first.

He had to first negotiate with their current employers, the Sorofyas, as they were in a long-term contract. He would have to first ensure that the Sorofyas were willing to yield here before proceeding on to negotiate the matter wit

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