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The Saint Freya Academy was an educational institution with centuries of history to it. It was located at the heart of the Country of Scholars, Brolne.

The term ‘Freya’ came from the Ancient Austine Empire’s ‘Freyja’, who was known as the Goddess of Knowledge and Truth. She had many believers in the Ancient Austine Empire, and it was rumored that the Wisdom Origin Attribute actually originated from her. Back in the Second Epoch, all academies would have Freyja’s sculpture erected at their entrance, and interestingly, she assumed the image of a severe man back then.

This was similar to how the Goddess of Mercy transformed from a man to a woman over time in his previous life. Hardly anyone had seen the gods before, and the transmission of information tended to be slow and unreliable in this mostly unglobalized world. On top of that, far too many books and cultural information had been lost during the migration at the end of the Second Epoch, resulting in some discrepancies in information here and there.

There was a huge scholastic debate in the earlier years of the Third Epoch over whether gods had gender or not—in Roel’s view, the argument was really as useful as arguing whether gods had buttholes or not—but this detail did mean a lot to the believers back then.

After a long, long debate, old man Freyja was finally tossed into the rubbish bin, and in his place rose the beautiful Freya, the Goddess of Knowledge and Truth. At least that was how it was in the Country of Scholars.

To be frank, Roel had an inkling suspicion that those old scholars had been single for far too long, such that they didn’t even want to worship a man as their god anymore. Putting that aside, the fact that the Country of Scholars was willing to use the name of a god for the academy as a billboard showed how much they valued this educational institute.

Saint Freya Academy stood at very top of the pyramid, granting prestige and recognition to anyone who graduated from it. It was almost like Harvard or Oxford in his previous life.

Pratically all high nobles of major countries had graduated from this institution, such as Roel’s father, Carter. It was also in this place, where the most powerful and brilliant youths of the world were gathered at, that the curtains onEyes of the Chroniclerwas drawn.

To date, Roel had done a pretty good job at plucking out his flags. The Ascart Fiefdom had been steadily growing under his care, and he should have managed to avert any bad endings that would have occurred with Alicia, Nora, and Charlotte, turning them into his allies even.

Of the four capture targets, three were already on his side, so the ‘lynching team’ who managed to bring about his downfall in the game had pretty much collapsed by now. Nevertheless, this didn’t meant that Roel’s guard was down yet.

Of the four capture targets, if Nora was the most aggressive one, Alicia was the most impactful one, and Charlotte was a milder, supportive one,

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