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By the side of the campfire, Cynthia began polishing the sword in her hand while making sure to keep Roel’s carriage in her peripheral vision. At the same time, five mercenaries who were on night sentry duty tonight had scattered in different directions, planting and activating enemy detection magic tools.

Of course, in order to avoid disturbing the Holy Son, Cynthia didn’t plant a magic tool in the vicinity of Roel’s carriage, but she believed this to be enough.

Theoretically speaking, all magic spells in Sia required a medium, be it water, fire, or earth. Even the most elusive of spells would involve the transmission of mana.. The only type of spell that could barely circumvent this theory was the rare spatial magic, but even so, it was severely limited by distance.

On top of that, the carriage which Roel was on couldn’t be invaded by spatial magic at all. As the creators of the ingenious Diamond Rivière, the Sorofyas were more than familiar with spatial magic to know how to deal with them. The carriage had been cast with a barrier that warded off even Charlotte’s teleportation bullet.

Due to this, Cynthia was confident that Roel wouldn’t be in any danger as long as she guarded the entrance. Unfortunately, she was unaware that the existence of incredibly rare bloodlines in the world that allowed transcendents to use unconventional mediums to transmit their mana, for example, moonlight.

In the carriage, Alicia raised her hand and cast a spell that deepened Roel’s sleep, emanating a dim light. After ensuring that everything was in order, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She knew that she couldn’t show herself as they weren’t too far away from the Ascart Fiefdom yet. If her older brother were to learn of her presence, he would angrily send her off.

To be fair, it was not like her older brother was able to force her to leave if she insisted on sticking around, but she had been hesitant to anger him ever since he coughed blood after witnessing their fight. She wanted to avoid making him angry wherever possible.

Having grown up together, she was extremely familiar with her older brother’s character. As long as they were far enough from the Ascart Fiefdom, while he would be angry for a moment, he would surely be too worried to send her back on her own and instead choose to bring her along.

She took off her shoes and climbed onto her older brother’s bed. Like a child pulling a prank, she felt ticklishly excited about secretly sneaking onto her older brother’s bed without him noticing. She silently inched closer to his side before gazing down on him quietly.

Lord Brother looks so adorable asleep.

Alicia’s face began to redden. As the proxy fief lord, Roel knew that he was disadvantaged by his young age, so he had to make sure to uphold a strait-laced appearance so as to avoid getting subconsciously brushed off by others as a kid. It was only when he was asleep that he finally put down his guard and allowed his f

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