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Even though the mercenaries had alighted from the carriage, they didn’t stray too far out of concern for Roel’s safety. Cynthia shot a gaze at the mercenaries in the area, warning them to keep their silence.

Meanwhile, in the carriage they had gathered around, Alicia sat with a lowered head under Roel’s intent stare.

‘Night assaults’, this was something which Roel had often seen in movies and dramas, and it was usually a fun plot development that guaranteed some hilarity… but it turned out to be ‘not so fun’ when he was the one being assaulted.

The reason was the implications arising from it.

Nobles were all about grace and etiquette. In ancient times, there were even standard positions that nobles ought to take during their consummation of marriage so as to appear graceful even during coitus. Of course, the strict traditions had loosened up greatly since then, but it was still important for a noble to maintain modesty.

Being assaulted at night was utterly ludicrous, not to mention that it was a younger sister assaulting his older brother!

Such a thing had never happened to Roel before. There were always guards and maids on standby outside his room, preventing anyone from trespassing. Aside from that, the people whom he associated himself with tended to be nobles too, and they were unlikely to do such a thing themselves.

His own reputation didn’t matter as much; what distressed him far more was the implications it would have on Alicia’s reputation!

It was fortunate that those who barged into the carriage earlier were from the Unyielding Sect, his own people. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire.

“Tell me, what in the world are you thinking?”

“I… I just didn’t want to part with Lord Brother, so…”

“So that’s why you lied to me and snuck out?” asked Roel with a sharp tone.

Alicia’s face immediately collapsed as she bit her lips pitifully.

“But… Anna is handling the internal affairs of Ascart House properly, so there’s nothing for me to do even if I return. It would be much better for me to spend my time accompanying Lord Brother instead…”

“Accompanying me? Does that involve sneaking into my carriage in the middle of the night? Do you know how others will take this matter?!”

It was rare for Roel to lecture Alicia—he simply doted on her too much that he could hardly raise his voice against her—but it looked like he was really fuming this time around. Alicia’s eyes swiftly turned moist, and before long, she began sobbing pitifully.

Seeing this, Roel was left utterly distressed. He had no choice but to swallow the harsh words he had on the tip of his tongue down and mellow down his tone a little.

“Haa, do you know that you might not be able to marry if this matter were to get out?”

“Wuuu, I’m sorry. I… Ah?”

Alicia reflexively apologized for her actions, only to suddenly come to a halt.

I won’t be able to marry… There’s actually such a huge benefit to this too?


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