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Half a month later, a merchant convoy consisting of over thirty individuals entered the Austine Empire’s Pordere Village. There was no house insignia on the carriage, but it bore a symbol commonly used by Rosaian merchants. It signified that they weren’t from a noble house but one of Rosa’s many merchant associations.

Since they didn’t have any noble background, their entry wouldn’t alarm the local nobles either. That being said, for a remote village like Pordere Village, the arrival of a merchant convoy was still quite a spectacle for them, drawing in huge crowds.

And their curiosity was met with returns too. They got to feast their eyes on the presence of two extremely beautiful youths who looked like the graceful elves in stories.

They were the black-haired boy and silver-haired girl seated at the centermost carriage, looking like an unmarried couple. As for why the crowd thought of them to be a couple, there were three reasons for it.

One, they were sharing a carriage after all. Two, even though the two of them were really good-looking, the differences in their hair and eye colors hinted at them being non-blood-related. Three, they had a lovey-dovey atmosphere between them.

They were either hugging one another or holding hands, almost as if they were stuck to one another. The black-haired boy still looked composed about it all, but the silver-haired girl had a clear look of bliss on her face.

There was no married woman in the village who wasn’t familiar with the expression on her face—it was the look of a woman in the honeymoon period of her romance. Gossip about these two unusually good-looking youths spread swiftly, and the most popular theory postulated that the black-haired boy was the young master of a merchant association and was bringing his fiancée around for a tour.

Roel was oblivious to all of the rumors going around. He was already used to Alicia clinging to him, and honestly, he couldn’t be bothered to explain the matter either. Even if he were to find out that Alicia was intentionally putting on that intimate act in public, he would probably have just turned a blind eye to it.

As a true-blue sis-con, it was inevitable that he was extremely forgiving toward his little sister. So far, there had been nothing she had done that he wasn’t able to forgive her for. Regarding the ‘night assaults’, he simply attributed it to a child’s prank.

Cynthia and the others didn’t dare to raise questions about his verdict—it was Roel’s private affair after all—but the skeptical looks in their eyes were more than enough to show what they thought about Alicia’s act of climbing onto his bed.

There was little Roel could do about how others thought about the matter, so he could only order everyone to keep mum about it. Naturally, Alicia was dissatisfied with the order. If she could, she would spread this rumor all over the continent and ensure that everyone knew about the ‘night assaults’ so that she wouldn’t hav

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