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A month later, morning in the Ascart Fiefdom, an exquisitely designed carriage appeared from around the corner and trotted its way down the streets. There was a unique insignia on the carriage which consisted of an eye hovering above candlelight. Had it been outside of the Theocracy, people would have probably immediately assumed that it was the insignia of an evil cult.

However, here in the Ascart Fiefdom, this was an insignia that was well-known by the populace, especially over the past month. More and more people were starting to recognize this insignia along with a name constantly associated with it—Roel Ascart.

For some reason, the young successor of the marquess house had become the proxy fief lord, gaining full powers over the management of the territory, thus making him the number one most powerful figure in the local bureaucracy.

As glorious as the title of being the ‘youngest ever proxy fief lord’ sounded, it came together with plenty of skepticism and doubt. Most officials chose to hold their tongues, but they were actually dissatisfied with Marquess Carter’s decision.

One must know that Carter was a famed figure in the Theocracy, respected by the people no matter where one went. Even though he did slack off quite a bit when it came to the management of the fiefdom, there was no denying that his massive influence and popularity made their work much easier.

It was normal for humans to glorify the past in the face of uncertain changes, resulting in an extremely low approval rating for Roel when he first came to power. However, to everyone’s astonishment, the situation changed swiftly over the course of a single month…

The carriage bearing the insignia of an eye hovering above candlelight came to a halt before the Administrative Bureau of the Ascart Fiefdom. The coachman quickly hopped down and placed the stairs down before opening the door to the carriage.

A beautiful maid first stepped out of the carriage and stood respectfully by the side as she awaited the distinguished personage sitting within to step out.

This scene had already become one of the daily top sights for residents living in the vicinity.

From the moment a black-haired boy slightly bent his body and walked out of the carriage, revealing his young and suave face, many of the pedestrians instinctively halted in their footsteps and turned their gazes over. The young women seeing Roel for the first time gasped in wonderment whereas the older women couldn’t stop themselves from taking a few more looks.

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Ahhh, how good-looking.

These were the feelings that resonated amongst most of the gathered audience to Roel’s arrival.

Roel was getting more and more accomplished in the art of dazzling others with his looks. There was hardly any flaw that one could pick with his image, and humans happened to be creatures whose perceptions are heavily affected by their sense of sight.

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