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In the depths of the Theocracy’s royal palace.

“N-Nora? Wait a moment, calm down! Don’t! Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t!”


Inside a dimly-lit spare room prepared for the banquet, a golden-haired girl met eyes with a black-haired boy.

The passing of two years had brought about some changes in their appearances.

The black-haired boy, Roel, was growing more and more similar to the villain he remembered in the game he played in his previous life. His features had grown a little firmer and more masculine, resulting in his adorable appearance being replaced with a more suave and youthful image.

What stood out the most was his height. He had grown a fair bit over the last two years, resulting in his figure becoming much taller. His shoulders had also broadened a bit too. However, he had inherited the smaller physical frame of his spellcaster ancestors, so he didn’t look particularly bulky.

However, the changes Roel had gone through could hardly compare with Nora at all. It was said that puberty transformed a girl into a woman, and this saying was best exemplified here. She still had the same long, golden hair as before, but her previously still a little raw disposition had fully matured, becoming far more graceful and domineering than before.

She had grown a little taller, and her appearance became more mature as well. Even the most subtle of gestures from her exuded her confidence and a powerful air, making her seem more and more like a true empress. Her childlike adorableness had receded to accentuate her womanly charms, especially when it came to her chest. What had once been flat as an airplane runway had begun to protrude a little.

There was no doubt that Nora was getting more and more beautiful with time. Seeing how she was getting more similar to how he remembered her to be in the game, Roel was indeed moved.

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But, before considering being true to his feelings, he had to prioritize his survival first. He could sense that the golden-haired girl before him was losing control of her emotions out of excitement. Within five seconds since they locked eyes with one another, the latter’s breathing grew heavier and heavier before abruptly pouncing on him, knocking him down to the ground.

The resounding ‘Bam’ sound from earlier came from the chair Roel knocked over as he fell to the floor. He quickly turned to the doorway and stared intently for a brief moment, but fortunately, it didn’t seem like anyone was planning to investigate the ruckus.

Roel wiped the sweat off his forehead before turning to look at the reddened young lady sitting on his body.

“Are you out of your mind? There are plenty of people out there! Why did you bring me here? Aren’t you supposed to greet all of the guests at your birthday banquet?”

“It can’t be helped. We haven’t met each other for two years now. You can’t really expect me to hold myself back, right?”

“Hold yourself back? Wai

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