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Returning back to the same old question, how could one win the support of the people?

Wise old sages of the past had said that those who could win the hearts of the people would win the world. Roel had an advantage in the sense that he came from an era of information, so he could tap into the experience of those who had walked on a similar path before and learn from them.

Winning the support of the people had become such an important topic in the modern world that Roel couldn’t be more familiar with it. So, what was the secret then?

To serve the people, of course!

The people had eyes to see for themselves what kind of person their fief lord was, whether he was good or evil, inept or competent. Roel was born an aristocrat in this life, so he couldn’t go with the typical sort of pretext like ‘ A leader born from the people ’. Still, he could at least be a leader that reached out to the people.

The ‘ Cleanse the vermin off the streets ’ operation brought about a significant financial net loss. Despite confiscating the properties of the criminals, the Ascart Fiefdom had lost money overall. However, it did bring Roel popularity and support from the people. These were things that were hard to buy even with money.

At the same time, it brought Roel’s team together too.

He worked closely with the Finance Department and Public Relations Department in order to kickstart the operation, and this collaborative work allowed them to familiarize themselves with one another. On top of that, the success of the operation also brought them a shared sense of glory.

This was also the reason why Dirk was so happy at the celebration banquet. He was rejoicing not just over the accomplishment of the mission but the happiness of being able to uphold justice in his hometown. It had brought him a good reputation, and it gave him a sense of pride at being able to work under Roel.

The same applied for the other young men in the law enforcement team too. They knew they were working for a good cause, and this could be seen from the earnest respect the people treated them with. The grocers would give them some free food from time to time, and there were people who would shout out thanks to them while they were walking on the street.

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… Though the one that delighted them the most was that they were receiving more confessions from women than they ever had in their entire life.

The numerous stories about ‘heroes saving beauties’ going around were swiftly freeing the members of the law enforcement team from their singlehood!

The most popular one of all was still their highest superior, Roel. There were many young women on the lookout for his movements as they camped out at certain locations just to catch a glimpse of him. He would also receive over a dozen confession letters every single day, and some of the officials’ daughters even offered themselves as his concubine.

Of course

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