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“He’s engaged? How is that possible?! Why weren’t you aware of it then?”

“As you heard, it’s an engagement contract dating to a hundred years ago. Lord Father never mentioned this matter to me before, so it’s only natural that I was unaware of it!”

“What should we do? It’s one thing if it were anyone else, but of all people, it has to be the Sorofyas’ Charlotte!”

In the royal palace, Nora and Alicia were seated together around a tea table as they berated one another in vexation. The reason behind their frustrations was due to the news that Carter announced to them a few days ago during Nora’s birthday banquet—Roel actually had a fiancée!

To make matters worse, his fiancée was also quite a formidable individual, Charlotte Sorofya. She was a beauty famed throughout the Sia Continent, rumored to be as impeccable and flawless as the elves out of legends. One must know that the elves were said to possess irresistible charms that make one offer one’s all to them.

And, that was just talking about her appearance.

Other than that, she was also the first miss of the Sorofya House, its future matriarch. She was known to the world as a rare business prodigy, a top-notch designer, and a fashion icon. All in all, she was a prodigy that one could hardly pick a flaw with.

“This is really troublesome. I could have just turned a blind eye if it was anyone else, but definitely not Charlotte!”

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“Your Highness, have you met her before?”

“We met once before, last year. I had paid a visit to the Sorofyas while passing through Rosa on the way to the eastern border lands.”

“How is she? Is she as the rumors make her out to be?”

Alicia’s question was met with Nora’s silence. Nora’s brow knit together for a long while before she finally uttered her own evaluation with some difficulty.

“I was moved.”


“From the moment I caught sight of her, my heart began beating faster. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?”

Nora lowered her head in what almost seemed like despair, as if she couldn’t believe that she actually felt such a thing. Alicia stared at Nora for a moment before abruptly backing off a little. This caught Nora by surprise, who then raised her head up to look at her rival in confusion.

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“Your Highness, there’s no need to explain yourself. It might be unconventional, but I assure you that you have my support.”

Alicia directed a kind smile at Nora, as if urging her to go ahead and spend her entire life with Charlotte. Needless to say, this only left Nora feeling even more infuriated.

“I’m saying that it’s weird! That girl possesses some sort of magic ability. It’s not just charm but something of a much higher level. Perhaps it’s due to her bloodline, but she gives off an air of inexplicable nobility.”


“Indeed. On top of that, the rumors about her appearance aren’t exaggerated

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