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Chapter 129: Physically or Spiritually?

A wrestling match occurred for a short while in the dimly-lit room. Roel, despite his disadvantageous position, tried his best to struggle free, flinging his arms and legs with the intensity of Magikarp flopping around on land. Unfortunately, he was outpowered here.

Nora’s golden mana flickered several times before two pairs of golden rings locked his wrists in place. Meanwhile, Nora was locking down his waist with her body. All she had to do was to move her body a little for the reddened Roel to dare not move anymore.

“Why don’t you continue struggling? I like it when you struggle.”

“You really are a pervert!”

“It has already been two years, but your mouth is still as sharp as ever.”

With his attempt to rebel a failure, Roel was rendered utterly helpless before Tyrant Nora as she stroked his cheeks lightly. It was hard to tell whether her sapphire eyes were twinkling due to the golden radiance of her mana or something else, and her sadistic smile was growing wider and wider. An idea seemed to have come to her mind as she prodded Roel’s cheeks mischievously.

“Why don’t we try this? If you bark once and call me master, I’ll consider letting you off. What do you think about it?”

Nora grabbed the collar of Roel’s suit as her eyes narrowed in excitement. Anticipation was written all over her face as she gazed down on the boy lying beneath her.

“Though I want to put you under my foot, that would soil your clothes. Would you be more receptive to it if I do it barefoot?”

“Receptive your head!”

Faced with the double insult to his body and his dignity, Roel’s cheeks twitched as he cursed out loud. The reason why he struggled so desperately earlier was because he knew that something bad was bound to happen if Nora managed to get her hands on him.

Indeed, his intuition didn’t fail him!

“Haven’t you slain your fair share of deviants at the eastern border? You should have satisfied your sadism there, no?”

“Well, the cries of those monsters are indeed music to my ears. But, if I have to be honest, it isn’t stimulating enough.”

Nora rubbed her chin as she blinked her eyes contemplatively, seemingly reminiscing how she felt when she stood atop heaps of corpses.

“I thought that I would be excited too, but the experience turned out to be underwhelming. I was only able to vent my desire to fight. No matter how many filthy wild dogs I dig through, how can any of them compare to my most beloved pet?”

Nora’s searing gaze was almost burning through Roel. She felt that her appetite had gotten too accustomed to Roel that nothing else could satiate her anymore.

“After having tasted a true delicacy, those ordinary fodder are nothing more than a means to alleviate my appetite. You should have given it quite some thought over the last two years, no? How about it?”

What do you mean by ‘how about it’, you sadistic freak!

Roel retorted in his mind as he quic

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