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Chapter 131: Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy

Finally, after two long years, the flag finally came!

In the study room of the Ascart House, Roel touched the very same table he sat before three years ago, when he first regained the memories of his previous life. Back then, the younger Roel browsed through the records anxiously, only to tremble in fright at the presence of familiar names.

Following that, he encountered flag after flag, most notably Alicia and Nora. He had met his fair share of dangers and threats together with them along the way, but he successfully resolved all of them. Now, he was certain that the two of them were definitely on his side.

The Ascart Fiefdom had also walked on a path of steady development under his governance, so the chances of the Ascart House declining were likely to be greatly reduced with this.

As for the 500,000 gold coins debt he owed to the System, he had repaid 150,000 gold coins thus far. As for the remaining 350,000 gold coins, judging from the current rate of growth in the fiefdom, he was confident that he would be able to repay it in time.

All of the challenges he had faced thus far had been resolved. It was time to turn his attention to the ones ahead of him.

Charlotte Sorofya, this person was Roel’s next death flag.

To be honest, Roel didn’t have as deep of an understanding of Charlotte as compared to Nora, as he had never gotten to play Charlotte’s route before. However, based on the various clues he had gathered from the storyline, he was still able to figure out some of the unique traits that Charlotte had.

First, just like the other capture targets, she was extremely good-looking too. Nothing more had to be said about this.

Second, she tended to be cold to those she was unfamiliar with, showing an almost complete lack of interest.

Third, she possessed many talents, one could even say that she was a model noblewoman. However, just because she was skilled in many fields didn’t mean that she was weaker as a transcendent.

Fourth, the spells she specialized in were a little peculiar, in the sense that they needed money or gemstones as mediums in order to activate. It was the literal interpretation of the saying, ‘money is power’.

Fifth, she was a very filial daughter, and she had a good relationship with her father. However, her family situation was much more complicated due to the massive size of the Sorofya House.

It took Roel a while before he was able to squeeze out everything that he knew about Charlotte thus far. He gave it some thought, and in the end, he still thought that the best way to pluck out the death flag was to raise Charlotte’s favorability with him. After all, that was how he was able to win Alicia and Nora over too.

Roel did consider whether he could simply avoid Charlotte, but he immediately rejected the notion. He tried to do that with Nora, only to fail tragically. Besides, Charlotte was somewhat his fiancée at the moment,

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