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Chapter 132: The Watcher, Alicia

“Big brother Roel, can you sleep with me tonight?”

“Ah? … That doesn’t sound appropriate.”

After finishing up her dinner, Alicia turned to look at Roel with pitiful eyes as she made a request that left her brother in a difficult position.

Over the past two years, due to Alicia’s insistence, Roel’s feeding job gradually grew more and more obsolete until it came to a point where he suddenly found himself unemployed. In a way, Roel had expected this to happen since Alicia was already 10 years old.

In this world, the mana in the atmosphere affected not only beasts but humans too. Humans matured at a younger age here, reaching adulthood at 14, the permissible age for lawful marriages. By such standards, someone of Alicia’s age no longer needed caring for.

In exchange, however, Roel began receiving all sorts of bizarre requests from her. For one, Alicia liked to dive under his bedsheets, and she always used the same three reasons:

“Wuuu, big brother Roel, the story in the book was really scary!”

“Big brother Roel, I had a nightmare.”

“Big brother Roel, I miss you a lot.”

There was at least an attempt to justify it for the first two reasons, but the third one was really just trying to brute force her way through.

It went without saying that Roel had to turn her down.

He was already 12 this year, and he had already begun growing as a man. It would be inappropriate for him to continue treating her the way he used to.

However, that was easier said than done. Every time he toughened his will to turn her down, the silver-haired girl would begin tearing up.

“Big brother Roel, do you not like me anymore? Am I being a bother to you?”

Just the sight of Alicia crying pitifully made Roel feel like there was something crushing his chest, leaving him suffocated. There was once that he felt that it wouldn’t do for him to continue doting on Alicia like that, so he bucked up all of his willpower and chased her out of his room.

But for the rest of the night, as soon as his eyes were closed, the forlorn silhouette of a silver-haired girl wiping her tears while leaving the room kept surfacing in his mind. He ended up tossing and turning for the whole night, unable to catch a wink at all.

It was then he realized that he was physiologically incapable of refusing a crying Alicia.

However, he really couldn’t allow her to continue doing as she pleased. Due to her bloodline, Alicia had been growing more and more beautiful over the last two years. Worse they weren’t blood-related, there was no saying that something might happen one day if they continued sharing a bed.

“Alicia, you’re a grown-up now. I don’t think that it’s right for us to continue sleeping with one another.”

Roel pondered for a long while before finally saying these words. Alicia raised her eyes to look into Roel’s golden eyes silently for a moment before asking softly.

“Is it because big brothe

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