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From the moment Grace’s eyes fell upon Alicia, her brain hanged for an entire second. This was a huge matter for an Origin Level 3 transcendent like her. This just showed her shock at the current situation.

Studied till too late last night? Hah, what kind of studying is this? Biology?

The other Sorofyas’ retainers standing behind her were stunned as well. Everyone’s eyes were centered on the unkempt silver-haired beauty that had just walked out from Roel’s bedroom, and naturally, the latter also noticed their gazes too.

Alicia calmly turned her gaze over, and confusion flickered in her eyes when she caught sight of the unfamiliar faces around her. With an air reminiscent of the mistress of the manor, she turned to Anna and enquired elegantly.

“Anna, they are…?”

“Miss Alicia, they are guests from the Sorofya House, Miss Charlotte’s aides.”

Anna was also put in an awkward position from the current turn of events. She quickly stepped forward to block Grace’s line of sight before struggling to explain the matter with a forced smile.

“Allow me to introduce you to Miss Alicia of the Ascart House. She’s the young master’s younger sister, and the two of them are on good terms with one another. They often spend their time reading together at night.”

“Younger sister? Reading together at night?”

When Grace heard that the silver-haired girl was Roel Ascart’s younger sister, she couldn’t help but widen her eyes in disbelief. Her heart was screaming out retorts.

Are you kidding me? They are siblings, and yet they… This is preposterous!

Grace shot another glance at Alicia, who was busy trying to tidy up her clothes in order to conceal the ‘marks’ on her body, and she felt like her mind was going to blow up.

She was aware that Carter had adopted Alicia as his daughter—this was written in the Sorofyas’ investigation reports on the Ascart House. While it was true that Roel and Alicia weren’t blood-related, that still didn’t change the fact that they were siblings! How could they mess around like that?

This unnatural relationship between Roel and Alicia, in Grace’s view, was a deal-breaker. Such a matter was definitely unacceptable. As a reflection of how she was feeling at the moment, her face turned chilly.

The servants of the Ascart House quickly attempted to cover over the matter.

“Young miss, you must be exhausted after reading last night, right? Do you want to return back to your room to rest for a while longer?”

“Alright, Anna. Lord Brother is still sleeping at the moment. I shall be returning to my room first.”

“Yes, young miss.”

Without bothering to look at Grace and the other Sorofyas’ retainers, Alicia left the area under the cover of the Ascarts’ maids without buttoning her shirt properly. Grace stared at her departing silhouette, and she noticed that there was something off with her gait.

W-wait a moment, they can’t have really done that, right? But, that child doesn’t look t

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