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Chapter 133: Y-yellow Letter

Sitting before the lamp in the study, Roel stared at the letter in his hand as he slowly translated the message of the letter. Fortunately, it was fairly concise, so there wasn’t any difficulty in translating it. Roel could interpret every single word on the message, but it hardly made sense to him once he strung them all together.

This was the translated version of the letter:

「To the Fief Lord In the middle of the fourth month, I shall be arriving at the Twohorn Port with the egg(s). The Queen」

Roel stared at the content he had translated on another piece of paper contemplatively, not saying a word for the long while. Alicia, who was peeking at the letter from behind his shoulders, was a little puzzled too.

“Big brother Roel, what does this mean?”

“Let me take a look again.”

Roel proceeded to check the content of the letter two more times, but there didn’t appear to be anything wrong with the translation. He moved on to examine the letter and the envelope carefully, but other than the gold wax seal, there weren’t any other clues.

In the end, he put down the letter and envelope and tried to piece together the clues he had gathered thus far.

Fief lord, egg, and queen.

Based on these clues, the first thing he could think of was… the royal family was seeking offspring?

Oh lord, this letter can’t be part of some royal booty call, could it?

Roel remembered the shelf of perverted diaries on the Labyrinth Villa, and he couldn’t help but wonder if this letter was pointing toward yet another mysterious fetish of one of his ancestors. An egg and a queen…

This can’t be some sort of erotic play, can it?

All sorts of dirty thoughts flooded Roel’s mind, causing his face to redden. He could sense Alicia’s gaze on him, so he quickly shook his head and told himself to calm down.

No no no, that shouldn’t be. It’s already weird enough to find erotic diaries from 200 years back. Surely, I can’t be so lucky as to find erotic letters from several hundred years back too, right?

The letter only mentioned ‘egg(s)’ anyway, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a human’s. Also, there’s a mention of the Twohorn Port, so it should be much more probable that they are referring to fish eggs here. Perhaps, my ancestor just wants to eat some caviar or something.

But again, what’s with the person signing off as ‘The Queen’ though? Is she the queen of the caviar industry or something?

“Fief Lord and Queen, the way that they address each other so formally makes it sound like some sort of nickname.”

“Hm? You’re right. Perhaps they are alluding to something else.”

Roel blinked contemplatively for a moment, and he felt that what Alicia said made sense. The letter was addressed to ‘Fief Lord’, which made Roel assume that it referred to one of the preceding patriarchs of his Ascart House, but that might not necessarily be the case.

It was more likely for ‘Fief Lord’ and ‘Qu

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