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Chapter 134: The Worries of a Rich Household

Charlotte Sorofya looked at the starry sky above, her heart throbbing in unease.

It had been five days since her convoy left Rosa’s boundaries. She had passed through the Worun Mountain Range to arrive at the southern area of the Ascart Fiefdom.

As a noble house that had no lack of money, the Sorofyas’ convoy naturally stood out from the others. The convoy consisted of a long procession of opulent carriages protected by an army of 500 soldiers.

These soldiers were professionals coming from a heretical mercenary band known throughout Sia for its prowess in defensive warfare, and they were in a long-term contract with Rosa. These soldiers possessed the Unyielding Origin Attribute, which was said to have come from the ancient Goddess of Earth. However, it was said that the Goddess of Earth had already passed away in the First Epoch, so the risk of these soldiers falling into depravity was very low, making them trustworthy.

Most of the famous mercenary bands on Sia were made up of heretical organizations as mercenary was one of the few proper jobs that heretics could take on.

Most of them wouldn’t take on any mission that involved entering the territory of the Saint Mesit Theocracy, but as the famous saying goes, ‘There’s nothing that money cannot solve, and if there is, it only means that you aren’t using enough money’.

Given that the person to be escorted this time around was the First Miss of the Sorofya House, the budget allocated for this mission was more than ample—to be more exact, it was ten times more than any escort mission commissioned by any other noble houses. On top of that, the mission itself wasn’t dangerous either, and the destination not too far away.

In view of the low risks, the mercenaries of the Unyielding Sect weren’t in a good position to turn down a request coming from their long-term customers. It would be foolish to refuse a request from their biggest customers, and besides… who in their right mind would turn down easy money?

The mercenaries were expensive to employ, but equally expensive were the personal items that Charlotte carried around with her. It was extravagance beyond the imagination of most people in this world, and that was including nobles as well.

Consider this, it was not just Charlotte who was traveling here but herentire house.

Charlotte’s mobile house was known as the ‘Diamond Rivière’, and it was made up of 16 carriages. Every single one of these carriages contained an independent room, be it her bedroom, study, lounge, kitchen, and even the garden she preferred to have her afternoon tea in. Whenever she traveled, these 16 carriages would always be with her.

However, if that was all, it would be far from enough to blow the minds of the nobles. After all, most major nobles could easily afford 16 large carriages.

The main reason why the Sorofyas’ Diamond Rivière Convoy was famed across the entire world was bec

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