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Grace Cadin was the second daughter of the Cadin House, which was a renowned transcendent house of the Rosa Merchant Confederacy.

From a young age, she was employed by the Sorofya House to serve Charlotte Sorofya as her maid. The years they had spent accompanying one another had built up a tight bond between the two of them, which became the main reason why Grace decided to stay by Charlotte’s side.

Having come from a house of transcendents, Grace was blessed with extraordinary talents at birth. The Sorofya House was well aware of her talents and had been granting her the resources required for her growth for years, resulting in her reaching Origin Level 3 before she even hit her thirties.

With such strength, she could have easily qualified as one of Rosa’s nobles or taken on an official position in a government department or the military. Yet, she unhesitatingly refused all offers, even when the Cadin House explicitly told her to accept.

“Don’t go…”

When Charlotte clutched her sleeves and spoke with a choked up voice four years ago, Grace had already made up her mind. While the two of them were master and servant on the surface, the bond they shared was more alike to sisters. She couldn’t bring herself to leave Charlotte in the lurch.

Some people liked to say that life was a game of luck decided at birth. Being born into the Sorofya House in this world meant that one was set for a life of fortune and glory, but this ‘blessing’ simply led to Charlotte’s unfortunate childhood.

As Charlotte’s personal maid, Grace witnessed with her own eyes how having a mother could be worse than being without one. Charlotte’s mother, that foolish Austine bloodline purist of a woman, detested her own daughter and even viewed her as an embodiment of her own shame. That woman had no qualms expressing her dislike for her own daughter, and the psychological harm she dealt to her daughter was beyond imagination.

Even physical torture couldn’t have been more cruel than this.

Due to this, Charlotte suffered immense mental trauma from a young age. It was only after her bloodline awakened that things turned for the better. However, when it came to matters concerning marriage and family, her mental trauma would resurface, turning her back into that frightened, vulnerable child.

Grace actually vehemently opposed this engagement when she first heard about it. She believed that only a true love marriage could heal the wounds hidden deep in Charlotte’s heart. To her surprise—god knows what nonsense Bruce had fed her—Charlotte actually agreed to meet her so-called fiancé!

Since Charlotte had already made up her mind, Grace was in no position to hold her back. However, she felt that the least she could do was to vet the fiancé in advance to determine if he was a worthy man.

It was customary in Roel’s previous world to secretly trawl through your date’s social media accounts so as to gather some information beforehand. The nobles in

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