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“Your Highness, those people are the retainers of Miss Charlotte from the Sorofya House. They are unaware of your identity, so please pardon them if they have displayed any breach in etiquette.”

“I see.”

In a room of the Ascarts’ manor, following the script that they had written beforehand, the slightly astonished Nora discreetly moved the leash in her hand behind her back, concealing it from sight. Anna also naturally took a step forward to cover her.

Even though their coordination wasn’t superb, it was fairly amazing for an impromptu reaction. However, the way they acted only further confirmed Grace’s doubts.

“Yes, I’ve already heard of his engagement. You may continue with what you were doing earlier.”

Grace watched with dazed eyes as Nora headed toward Roel’s bedroom with the leash in hand, and her evaluation of Roel Ascart plopped right down into the abyss.

“This is one of the abilities of Ascendwing. It allows Her Highness to project herself through Ascendwing to pay a visit to the young master. The two of them have gotten along well ever since their first meeting, and they would exchange letters every week. Hahaha.”

Once Nora left the scene, Anna squeezed out a smile as she tried her best to alleviate the awkwardness in the air. The other Ascarts’ servants also wisely went along with Anna and tried to laugh things off.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to reverse Grace’s opinion anymore.

Grace thought that the recent movements of the Ascart House were hinting at a future interest in engaging in the politics of the Theocracy and fighting for greater interests. However, based on what she had seen thus far, the situation was likely to be the opposite.

The royal family was planning to take control of the Ascart House by manipulating their successor, Roel Ascart! That would explain why the royal family was sparing no effort to protect him!

The more Grace thought about it, the more convinced she was of this matter.

It was only a brief moment, but she had gotten a firsthand experience of the overwhelming charisma of the successor of the Theocracy’s crown. That glint in her eye when she brought out her leash held an air that was both domineering and aggressive. No man could possibly hope to win over such a woman, especially not one who was in an illicit relationship with his adopted sister.

Time passed in a flash, and it was soon late afternoon.

Grace and the others were just about to leave when they stumbled onto a black-haired, golden-eyed boy in the lounge.

There was no denying that Roel’s appearance was visually striking even to Grace, leaving her a deep impression of him, but after all she had been through, she was extremely certain that this boy was nothing more than a gigolo. She had seen far too much such that nothing could change her mind anymore.

After spending another hour sorting out a few more details, she bade farewell to Anna.

“It must be tiring on you having

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