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In the tea room of the Ascarts’ manor, Roel Ascart was staring at the two girls before him with eyes filled with doubt. He could tell that they were definitely up to something.

What’s going on here? Did something happen?

Roel was still a little groggy from having woken up not too long ago, but he still tried his best to recall everything that had happened.

Last night, Alicia had requested to sleep together with him, but she didn’t arrive on time. Initially, he thought that she might have already fallen asleep in her room, but just earlier in the morning, he learned that Alicia had been to his room.

Perhaps it was because he stayed up late to read, but his sleep was exceptionally deep last night. He hadn’t even sensed Alicia’s presence at all. On top of that, he had a dream too. He couldn’t recall what it was anymore, but it seemed to have something to do with Alicia, and it left him feeling good when he woke up earlier.

In any case, Roel slept all the way till the afternoon, only to wake up with a jolt. He found Nora standing in front of him, and a huge surge of mana was fluctuating around her. It was immediately clear to him that she had used the ability, Crown’s Bestowment.

Not only so, but she utilized not the usual first skill but the third skill, the one that could only be used once every two years. Considering how Nora had resorted to such a precious skill, it could only mean that something huge had happened.

The first thing that came to his mind was his own father. Nora had been working near the eastern border of the human territory recently too, so if she was in such a rush to appear before him, could it mean that…

“Nora, what brings you here? C-could it be that something has happened to my father?”

“Ah? No, that’s not it. Uncle Carter is doing perfectly fine. I… I just missed you all of a sudden.”

Faced with the suddenly panicking Roel, Nora quickly reassured him in a fluster. Fortunately, Roel accepted her explanation and swiftly calmed down again.

But soon, doubt filled Roel’s mind once more. Nora wouldn’t opt to use the third skill of the Crown’s Bestowment over the first skill for no reason. It was inconceivable to him that she had triggered the two year countdown on the third skill just to pay him a visit.

Had it been before, Roel might have still accepted her explanation, but one must know that they had just met one another a month ago at the Holy Capital for Nora’s birthday. No matter how he looked at it, she shouldn’t have been in such a rush. It was clear that there was something wrong here.

Under Roel’s skeptical stare, Nora’s usual domineering air faltered a little. She appeared to be rather troubled. There was a brooding look on her face, and she opened her mouth a couple of times, only to close them hesitantly after.

Please, do you need to scare me like that? Just what in the world happened?

Roel couldn’t help but think that Nora was acting like a child fidgeting

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