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The following day after bestowing the position of ‘proxy fief lord’ to Roel, Carter departed from the Holy Capital.

In a war, the rations always move before any soldier or steed. While logistics operations were less risky in nature, it was of vital importance to ensure that nothing went wrong. It was not a joke when people said that war was a battle of resources.

With the outbreak of war with the deviants, under the clauses of the defense agreement, each human country would have to increase the number of troops they had stationed on the eastern border of the human territories. Therefore, there would be a huge increase in the burden of supplies, be it clothes, food, horse fodder, and more. This meant that the logistics would have to greatly upscale their operations in order to keep up with needs.

However, increasing the amount of supplies delivered wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

For one, most of the previous supply routes that were used in previous outbreaks of war had already been worn down by decades of neglect, which meant that the human countries would have to repair them. On top of that, these routes were incredibly long as they connected the various countries together, so repairings were definitely not easy.

Still, at least this was much better than having to build the supply routes from scratch.

In any case, the heavy task of rebuilding the routes fell into the hands of the Logistics Department, and as the officer-in-charge there, Carter was expected to inspect the situation personally and make accurate onsite decisions.

That was also the reason why he was amongst the first to leave.

Early in the morning, after waving Carter goodbye, Roel looked at the departing backs of his father and his soldiers and sighed deeply.

While he had discussed the matter of managing the fiefdom with Carter many times before, he had never really thought of becoming the proxy fief lord. There was a huge difference between taking over a single department and taking over the entire company at once. Just the overwhelming amount of work that was about to be shoved in his hands will be more than enough to leave him with a splitting headache.

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On the bright side, Carter had at least moved quickly to handle any legal hurdles with the decision. Yesterday night, he quickly drafted up a letter of attorney to entrust his rights as the fief lord into Roel’s hands and sent it right into the royal palace to have them officialize it. With this, Roel would have the power of the law on his side when he took over as the proxy fief lord.

After Carter left, Roel and Alicia also began making preparations to return to the Ascart Fiefdom. Thinking about it, it was pretty incredible how they had stayed in the Holy Capital for almost three months now, ever since Nora’s birthday banquet, yet the Ascart Fiefdom was still operating perfectly fine despite being without its lord.

As expected of the Ascart Fie

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