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“They are fatally charming to the opposite gender, and they faced many relationship problems throughout their lives. Furthermore, all of them went missing after setting out on a journey…”

Reading through the records of his ancestors, Roel found himself extremely confused.

Based on what he had read thus far, it would appear that both Winstor Ascart and Ro Ascart were outstanding men. He didn’t know what the two looked like, but it was clear that they were extremely popular with women.

Well, considering their noble birth and overwhelming strength, it was understandable why women fancied them. What was weird about it all was that the women they tended to get involved with were extremely formidable as well, ranging from the feared generals of the Austine Empire to esteemed scholars of Brolne.

As history had shown time and time again, it was only possible for peaceful harems to exist in wish-fulfillment novels. Both Winstor and Ro had plenty of headaches caused by all the women around them, and the fact that they were each engaged to a strong-willed fiancée with a powerful background did nothing to help either.

It was like trying to cook a pot of soup that was filled with ingredients that would never go together—it would just be filled with plenty of jarring and disharmonious flavors!

Ey, the two of them sure don’t know how to keep themselves in check. Why in the world are they messing with so many women—not to mention, monstrously powerful women at that! They have practically pushed themselves off the cliff!

Roel put down the record he was reading and sighed deeply in lamentation, but all of a sudden, he thought about himself.

Wait a moment!! Aren’t their circumstances…

“… different from mine!”

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Roel began chuckling hysterically to himself.

Nora, as his protector, would never hurt him, and Alicia had little interest in transcendent ability at the moment too. Most importantly of all…

“… I don’t have a powerful fiancée like them!”

Roel patted his chest as he felt gladdened by how society had progressed since the olden days. If he really was involved in a political marriage, his fiancée was almost guaranteed to be a prominent noble as well, possibly even the leader of a faction too. If he were to try to shirk the engagement, the Ascart House would have to pay a heavy price for it, and it would lead to plenty of trouble too.

Ahhh, thank god my father is a believer in marrying out of true love! Long live true love marriages!

Roel smiled delightfully to himself, completely disregarding the fact that his father had unintentionally sold him out to the Xeclydes.

“But, speaking of which, does this mean that the key to developing my bloodline is to become a scumbag and get involved with all sorts of relationships? Am I destined to become a harem king? No, that can’t possibly be. If that’s what my ancestors did, they would have des

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