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Roel had once heard a quote in his previous life, ‘studying is the cheapest way to raise one’s worth’. These words were pretty relevant in his previous world, but it was even more so on the Sia Continent.

This was an era when educated individuals were the minority. Just knowing how to write well could become a way of life, as prominent clans would hire them to compile history for the later generations to know of their ancestors.

Of course, those writers usually wouldn’t be so detailed as to include even the fetishes of the ancestors too, unlike a certain someone’s diaries. At the very least, it should be safe to assume that there should be no such awful material to be found in the records of the Royal Library.

At Roel’s request, the librarians immediately marched out and retrieved all records related to Winstor Ascart and Ro Ascart. In total, they were more than enough to fill an entire table. Given the astounding amount, there was no way Roel could feasibly run through all of them, so he could only swiftly browse through the content and select some of the more relevant ones.

After half a day’s worth of work, Roel arrived at the same conclusion as Ponte. It would appear that his two predecessors were similar to the typical hyperactive, restless protagonists one would see in shounen mangas. Even after becoming the patriarch of the Ascart House, they continued traveling around the continent, never hesitating to leap into adventures and explore ancient ruins.

Roel gave the matter some thought, and while he did agree that it was a clue to uncovering the truth behind the Crown Origin Attribute, he didn’t think that the act of adventuring and exploring ancient ruins was the key to the growth of his transcendent ability.

For one, while they had leaped into adventures time and time again, they had no choice but to spend most of their time staying in the Ascart House due to their duties. During these ‘downtimes’, they still continued to grow stronger.

Besides, to actually have to go out on adventures in order to grow, wasn’t that practically a curse to a shut-in like him?!

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Roel was more than satisfied with his current life of leisure where he could eat well and sleep well. Ro and Winstor went missing while adventuring anyway, so the least he could do was to learn from their lessons and not walk down the same path as them!

He continued to look through the historical records, but unexpectedly, in the process of researching, the Crown Origin Attribute suddenly began reacting.

It was a slight and vague feeling, but he could sense that he was absorbing mana from the surroundings. The mana was gradually pushing his Degree of Assimilation, slowly strengthening his powers.

It was at this very moment that Roel finally came to a realization. He finally understood why both Ro and Winstor were so passionate about archaeology—it turned out that uncovering the past was one of the ways th

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