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A day later, in the evening.

A convoy bearing the insignia of the Ascart House found themselves faced with a scene of chaos. On the plains just slightly left of them, a group of odd-looking beasts were dashing straight toward the main road the convoy was traveling on.

These beasts were four-legged and had two horns on their heads, making them resemble goats. Their fur was white with bits of gold mixed in, and their high-pitched calls resembled that of a deer. Their bodies were exceptionally dexterous even in the midst of their sprint, allowing them to swiftly change directions.

Gold Rams.

They were demonic beasts famed as an auspicious omen on the Sia Continent, and they were incredibly valuable on the market. There was a famous analogy where their beautiful skin and smooth fur could be traded for gold of equivalent weight, and that was also where their name, ‘Gold Ram’, came from.

Its skin and fur had always been known to be the top-tier material for noblewoman’s luxury wear, and its demand had always far outstripped its supply. It was not so much the case in the Saint Mesit Theocracy, but the citizens of the Austine Empire believed that wearing clothes made out of Gold Ram’s fur could bring about good luck. As such, clothes that were fashioned with accents of Gold Ram’s fur could easily fetch twice as much as equivalent clothes without it.

Other than its fur, its other body parts were incredibly valuable too.

The horns of the Gold Ram were known to be an important magical material. Its head could be used as an ornament of wealth in residences. Its meat was renowned to be succulent, such that famed chefs ranked it as one of the top three muttons. To put it in other words, Gold Rams were no different from a moving heap of gold coins.

The only issue was that it was difficult to find and capture one.

From the moment Roel saw the Gold Rams, he immediately realized that his opportunity had come. He looked at the soldiers who were clearly moved but were still restraining themselves out of self-discipline, and he knew that this was his chance to showcase his leadership ability and strength.

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So, he opened the carriage doors and swiftly scanned the surroundings before issuing a command.

“Guard captains, step forth!”

The captains from the Ascarts’ guards and the royal guards stepped out of the formation and walked over to Roel’s side. After asking a few questions, Roel quickly came to understand the traits of the Gold Rams.

As it turned out, the main reason why it was hard to capture Gold Rams was due to the unique nature of their fur. They were highly resistant to piercing attacks, making it hard to kill them with bow and arrows, though slashing and mauling still worked fine. On the whole, Gold Rams weren’t too powerful, such that an Origin Level 6 transcendent would be able to defeat one solo.

Having learned some crucial information abou

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