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Chapter 105: He’s Mine

Alicia is here…

The realization of this brought very different feelings to the duo in the room.

Roel was feeling a little out of it. He was attempting to prove his innocence to Nora when Alicia suddenly jumped in. Even by thinking with his toes, it was obvious that this wasn’t a good thing!

And, his ominous feeling was backed by the sharp glint that had just flashed across Nora’s eyes.

“Lord Brother?”

“I-I’m in here, Alicia,” replied Roel with a slightly strained voice.

The door opened, and Alicia, dressed in a beautiful white dress, entered. She first directed a warm smile toward Roel before turning to Nora with a slightly less warm look on her face. She respectfully raised her skirt slightly and curtsied.

“Good afternoon to you, Your Highness. It has been a while since we last met at your birthday banquet.”

“Good afternoon, Alicia. It has indeed been a while since we last caught up with one another. I went by your room to look for you earlier, but I heard that you were still asleep. I didn’t think that you would ready yourself so quickly.”

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Nora responded to Alicia’s greeting with a smile, though her words clearly relayed her displeasure at having her conversation with Roel disrupted.

Alicia was unfazed by the remark, and she replied with composure.

“Pardon me for having kept you waiting. It was my first time with Lord Brother last night, so we ended up staying up for too long and had difficulties trying to wake up on time.”

Alicia’s explanation made Nora’s eyebrows shoot up. Roel, on the other hand, was rendered dumbstruck.

I can’t possibly have really done that, right? No, I shouldn’t panic. I should first clarify the situation first.

“Alicia, could you clarify on what you meant by ‘first time’?”

“Hm? It naturally means the first time I’m sleeping with Lord Brother on the same bed.”

“Ahh, I see.”

Roel wiped the sweat off his forehead in relief as his heart was put at ease.

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Despite the clarification, however, Nora wasn’t glad in the least. How could she possibly be glad upon hearing that the person she fancied had shared a bed with his non blood-related sister? She would have to be a saintess to feel glad!

The issue here was not whether Roel had made a mistake or not. What she had a gripe with here was that there was a constant possibility of Roel making the same mistake again, especially given the current circumstances! If they could share a bed this time, they could very well be huffing and puffing together on the bed the next time!

“Miss Alicia, I don’t believe that your actions are appropriate for a lady.”

Nora maintained a ‘kind’ smile as she spoke with a criticizing tone.

“The Ascart House is a respectable family with a long history behind it, and it wouldn’t condone the scandalous act of two youths n

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