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Chapter 107: Those Books Ought To Be Torn Apart

In a familiar study, Roel looked at a shelf filled with diaries before casually taking one of them out. These were ancient books with more than a century of history to them, and they were the manifestation of the cost Ponte had to pay in order to use his powers.

It was not too long ago that Roel thought of burning the lot down as soon as an opportunity arose, but now, he only felt a little nostalgic looking at them.

His trip back into history lasted only for a short three days, but it had left a very deep impression on him. He had already lost his interest in removing these shameful records, especially now that he knew the truth behind them.

“You said that you wanted to talk to me about our ancestors. What is this about?”

Roel asked slightly distractedly while flipping through the pages of what could have been passed off as the mental records of a criminally-indisposed man.

“As you know, I have just awakened my bloodline to Silver-tier, so I have been stabilizing my condition over the last few days. However, while I was adjusting my physical condition, I looked through the records during my spare time and discovered quite a few hidden secrets.”

“Is that so? What are they?”

“There are many of them… Actually, I am Wade’s descendant.”

“I see… Wait, what did you just say?”

Roel was still calmly browsing through one of Ponte’s diaries when the gravity of Nora’s words sank in. He leaped up in astonishment and stared at her in disbelief. On the other hand, Nora wasn’t too surprised by Roel’s reaction. She nodded her head with a slightly bitter smile as she continued.

“You didn’t hear wrongly. I—or perhaps it’s more accurate to say the current royal bloodline of the Theocracy—have all descended from Wade Xeclyde.”

“What’s going on? Wasn’t he defeated by Holy Eminence Ryan in the timeline of this world?”

“He was defeated, but that doesn’t mean that he died.”

Nora sighed deeply before she began to divulge one of the most confidential secrets the royal family had been guarding tightly to Roel.

More than a hundred years ago, in the final moments of the March Turmoil in this world, Wade, despite his strength and the massive influence he had amassed, was unable to find Victoria till the very end. The intense final showdown Roel and Nora witnessed didn’t occur, and Wade didn’t manage to advance to Origin Level 2 either. As a result, he was easily defeated once Holy Eminence Ryan returned from the Austine Empire.

The chaos in Holy Capital Loren swiftly settled down, and Wade was put on trial. However, contrary to the rumors that he had been secretly put to death, the truth was that Wade had only been sentenced to life imprisonment.

There were three reasons that brought about such a light sentencing.

First and foremost, the attitude of Holy Eminence Ryan toward the March Turmoil had set the tone for Wade’s clemency.

In the history of the X

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