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In the royal palace, a gray-haired maid was currently trying to curb her excitement as she made her way toward her master’s chambers. This was an extremely meaningful day to Mia, for it was one which she had been looking forward to yet simultaneously felt a little melancholy toward.

This was the day that Her Highness Nora would fulfill the royal promise and become the protector of the successor of the Ascart House, Roel Ascart, through a grand ceremony.

Mia, as Nora’s personal maid, was heartened by this.

The role of ‘personal maid’ was a special post within a household. Due to the nature of the job, it had stringent requirements, and only the cream of the crop was chosen. In fact, when it came to the successors of major noble houses and the royal family, their personal maid was almost guaranteed to be someone of considerable standing too.

Mia was no exception to the rule. Despite being Nora’s personal maid, she actually came from a noble house, and her father held a significant position in the royal court. Her role as Nora’s personal maid had brought her house significant benefits—her father had been promoted, and her oldest brother had received the recognition of the royal family too.

Despite all of that, however, Mia found herself gradually distancing from her family members. Humans tended to be the most sensitive in their teenage years, and it was at such an age that she had to enter the royal palace all alone. She faced her fair share of difficulties and indignanties, but she had no choice but to bury it all in her heart because she had no kin by her side.

Even on rare holidays, when she was able to return home to visit her family, her family members seemed to be far more concerned about the movements of the royal family than her wellbeing. Her father instructed her time and time again to carry out her job properly, so as to bring honor to the family, and her brothers spoke with her only to seek out better career paths.

Sometimes, Mia felt rather than being a family member, she was more of a tool for her family instead. Her sentiment toward her kin had inevitably thinned over the years, but that couldn’t stop her desire to love and be loved.

Thus, she entrusted her feelings to Nora, whom she had grown up with from a young age. Years of accompaniment with one another had made her feel like she was Nora’s older sister, though she had enough self-realization in her to know that it was arrogant for her to think this way. How could she possibly match up to Nora’s lofty standing? But, despite her rational mind telling her otherwise, her instincts drove her to act with Nora’s best interests in mind, and that was why she decided to make a move.

Not too long ago, Mia used one of her channels to spread a rumor. It was a rumor about two children who were mutually in love but met with numerous difficulties along the way, only to end up being forced apart from one another. It was cunningly crafted to poke at the ment

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