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The Saint Mesit Theocracy’s royal palace was built over a thousand years ago, when humans had just begun moving over to West Sia. Back then, Holy Capital Loren was one of the few key fortresses of mankind, so the building served as an emergency gathering point and command center. When the Theocracy was officially founded, the building was finally remodeled into the royal palace seen today, making it one of the oldest buildings in the country.

Age can be a sign of culture, but it often hints at dilapidation too. However, over the years, the royal palace had been renovated several times. In fact, a massive fire had once burned down a huge chunk of the structure, thus calling for a mass reconstruction. The last time it was renovated was just several decades ago. So, it didn’t look its age in the least. On the contrary, it presented itself as magnificent even.

The color scheme of the royal palace was centered around white. It was said that the architect had spent a great deal of effort to recreate the color gradient of an angel’s wing. While Roel had no idea where those people had managed to see an angel’s wing, there was no denying that the visual impact was incredible. The entire building felt holy and inviolable.

The concept behind the interior of the royal palace, on the other hand, was not much less sophisticated—it was just plain extravagant. In a sense, this reflected the royal family’s way of doing things. The Xeclydes embraced purity as one of their virtues, so they just got straightforward to the point, not bothering bother with all of the fanciful stuff.

Inside a waiting room of the royal palace, Roel, who had just finished touring the royal palace for the first time, sipped on a cup of tea as he ran through the sequence of events of the protector ceremony that was going to happen later on again and again.

“Am I going to get Ascendwing back too?” muttered Roel under his breath, as he subconsciously reached out to his empty waist.

Half a month ago, when he first returned from the Witness State with Nora, even though the two of them had passed out, there was a mana connection between the two of them due to the effects of Ascendwing. As such, Bishop Philip chose to call in experts from the Sacramental Hall to deal with the situation. Those from the Sacramental Hall devoted their effort in exploring the various rituals and ceremonies surrounding spells, so they were the most knowledgeable in this field.

After those clergy verified that it was safe to separate them, the youngsters were pulled apart from one another and treated separately. Those clergy assumed that Ascendwing belonged to Nora, so they ended up taking it back to the royal palace with them.

People said that a sword is a warrior’s lover.

Roel wasn’t much of a warrior, but he did miss his little war buddy a lot. It had saved him at a lot of critical moments, and it was a gift that was activated by both his and Nora’s blood, making it an importan

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